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    Since I found this great website, I've been trying various different scents and I think I have smelt most of the most popular fragrances talked about on this forum.....except Ungaro III. I understand there have been some threads about this fragrance, but I still have not figured out how it smells. Based on its popularity, maybe I guess I should just buy a small bottle. But if I can get some info (in terms of "what it smells like?", "smell-alike?&quot, that'd be really appreciated. Well, some people say it's one of those rose-themed scents. Does it smell like Hammam Bouquet? Or like No.88 minus soapy notes? Or super-rosey like Une Rose? Some others point out its oriental sweet/spices. Is it like Gucci Pour Homme? Or incensey like M7? Habit Rouge? Spicy like Piper Nigrum? I heard sandalwood comes out nicely. Is it like Tam Dao? Some say it's fruity. Is it blackberry-fruity like Chanel products? Endless questions on my mind.... Will someone help me? :-/


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    I am unfamiliar with most of the other fragrances you mentioned, but I might suggest my interpretation of the development of Ungaro III: * *
    It begins a little synthetic and a lot discordant, taking a minute or two to gather up its assets. *When it gets its act together it presents a powerful amalgamation of the rosewood and the lavender—the same contrast/juncture that is in Pour Un Homme except that here it is taken to the enth degree and is focused on the dark side. *If it stopped right there, it would be an awesome scent, but this is only the beginning. *As it moves into its middle phase, the movement picks up the delicacy of the lily of the valley, the strength of the jasmine and the clarity of the geranium and opposes them against the depth and darkness of the rose. *Again, it’s the tension that makes it spectacular. The battle ensues. * The tension eases, with the rose flaunting its superiority and laughing in the face of all the losers. *The base then attacks with a modest but determined patchouli brandishing a sword and shield made of cedar, while from all directions the *moss attacks with the sole intension of obfuscating the battleground and ensuring that everything *remains dark. *The drydown is a sensual darkness of the union of the rose and moss with the bodies of the losers still littering the battlefield occasionally contributing flashes of *their weakened auras to the spent but sated victors.

    It's a spectacular scent.

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    I can't compare Ungaro III to anything else, simply because it's unlike anything else I've tried, and I've tried a lot. *My experience of it is mainly citrus with rose, pepper, a little wood (like sandalwood, I think), maybe a bit of musk, and in the drydown there's another note that smells like cardamom, almost like golden cake batter! *The real standouts for me are citrus, rose and pepper. *I say go for it, spring for a bottle.

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    Thank you for precious info!!!

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    wow foetidus, nice impression

    Let me just add that this scent also has my vote! It's very sensual and classy although I must confess that i don't find it worldshockingly innovating. It get a 4/5 star rating in my wardrobe but if I could, I would give it a 4,5/5.

    So if you manage to find a bottle, just buy it! It's really not expensive and it won't take long before it's discontinued.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foetidus
    ...but I might suggest my interpretation of the development of Ungaro III: ...It's a spectacular scent.
    Welcome to this stage of scents! Sounds like premiere night at the Met - what an Aria, Foetidus. Bravo!!!
    Seriously, I loved it and do not even know the frag at all. New resolve to buy it blind. As soon as I have U-III, all you promoters will hear from me again
    'Il mondo dei profumi č un universo senza limiti: una fraganza puo rievocare sensazioni, luoghi, persone o ancora condurre in uno spazio di nuove dimensioni emozionali' L. V.

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    You will not be disappointed, I hope.

    Got myself a bottle of Ungaro III from eBay from a dealer of discontinueds - and I was also buying it blind. What a wonderful early 90's creation! Luxorious and opulent - for a serious wearer only.

    I have a question though. It says "Eau de Toilette Pour L'Homme" - as opposed to "Pour Homme". Is it the way French grammar developed from 1993 or is it to say "for the man" as opposed to "for men"?

    By the way, Ungaro website suggests they will be relaunching Ungaro III in 2006 (they only speak of "new packaging", not tweaked scent).

    (Andrius Uzkalnis)

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