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    Default Acier Aluminum (Creed)

    I happened to hear about this Creed fragrance. According to some reviews on Basenotes;

    "...Truely sublime....captures all the basic emotions that make us human....I will never be without Acier Aluminum in my wardrobe - It's just that intoxicating...." (by Stuffman), "....Thumbs, fingers and everything else I can find, up for this one!....." (by CoL), "....Stanley Kubricks Eyes Wide Shut? - that's the image I get from smeling this unorthodox blend of raw ambergris, resins and fruits with a slightly lemony edge - Very cool and original." (by MonkeyManMatt).

    I also found some positive remarks on MakeupAlley, as well. Will someone provide some more detailed information in terms of what it smells like, what are smell-alike fragrances, what exactly make it so special...etc?


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    Default Re: Acier Aluminum (Creed)

    P.S. I'm sure that there must have been some threads about this fragrance before, but someone took the "search" option away from the Community and I cannot retrieve any messages like I used to. and I thought I should ask basenotes about this cologne again.... :-/


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    Default Re: Acier Aluminum (Creed)

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