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    Default True Star Men !?

    Have it on my hand right now 4 hours after spraying. Did not have any high hopes for this scent and it was also a disappointment right after spraying...............but now it really reminds my about Pleasures for women which I really like.

    Anyone get the same feeling?


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    Default Re: True Star Men !?

    Must still sample this one

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    Default Re: True Star Men !?

    This is complete waste of money to me, I would sooner set money on fire than buy this is targeted to the younger market but unless they have a bionic/super-duper smelling ability it will be very very light for them. Even my 11 year old nephew who has developed a frag. addicition (I wonder where he got that from ???...lolool...hahahah) said.."I can't smell anything."

    I have to agree..four hours and you still smell it....there must be a True Star Intense/Extreme out.


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    Default Re: True Star Men !?

    You could still smell it after 4 hours?!? I'm shocked! For some reason I really enjoyed it upon trying it. I bought it on the spot only to return it 1 hour later after it was completely gone. Now when I smell it I am somewhat disgusted, it doesn't seem to be the same fragrance.

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    Default Re: True Star Men !?

    I'll have to echo the above......I can't believe you can still smell it after 2 minutes!!!
    It just vanished faster than ANYTHING I have ever tried including 4711 or any EdC formula. My 13yr old daughter said it was the worst parp she's ever smelled....and this is aimed at the youth market! She prefers any of the Axe blends to True Star.
    I don't know Mic, I'm not familiar with Pleasures for Women and I feel bad knocking something that you like and in over 1000 posts, the only other scent I've ever put down has been Be Delicious Men but I just don't understand the appeal of True Star.
    If you like it, enjoy it but if it reminds you of Pleasures and you like Pleasures, I say just wear the Pleasures and be done with it!!!! ;D


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