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    Default Chocolate & Champagne Accord?

    Has anyone tried this? *Comments / opinions, please.


    Temperare 01 by Temper Chocolates and Yosh Han - those wizards from Boston and San Francisco (respectively) have succeeded in bewitching us beyond belief. And then some.

    The last word in perfumed chocolate lusciousness, say we, Temperare 01 is a riotously elegant celebration of Asian pear dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with crystallized ginger nuggets. Intriguing, non?

    This quite posh chocolate fragrance bears the zingy exuberance of Veuve Clicquot offset by the mystical marvel of daring departures that await your nose as the scent unfolds. Cardamom is the deep, earthy spice that dips and swoons with the dark chocolate, laying the groundwork for a dynamic among all the notes that is kicky and charismatic. Blood orange, pink grapefruit and pear provide the innocence of youth and the insouciance of youthfulness...

    This is a very highly concentrated perfume---so the teensiest bit will linger deliciously long. And as they say in Japan, Kawa-ii. Translation: "This fragrance is edible." To which we'll add only, Bon Appetit!

    NOTES: White Ginger, Pear, Chocolate, Cardamom, Litsea cubeba, blood orange, pink grapefruit, and fresh ginger

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    Default Re: Chocolate & Champagne Accord?

    There is also a chocolate and champagne accord in Avon's new Extraordinary created by Harry Fremond, the nose of Romance and Glamorous. He also often works together with Alberto Morillas: CKone, Miracle, Sensi...

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