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    Default 25% coupon

    I'm not sure how long this is good for but it gives you 25% off your order plus it says you get a free gift (don't know what it is)
    The code is DAILYCANDY make sure you put it in all caps. I don't know how long this code is good for, I got it off another board I think they said Oct 17.
    Oriscent, AgarAura Pure Ouds, Creed, LIDGE, Patou Pour Homme, tons of niche and rare stuff for sale!!!

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    Default Re: 25% coupon

    I might take up on this offer. What from MPG should i buy. I was thinking of uping my 1/3 oz decant to a full bottle. Or should i look for something new by them.

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    Default Re: 25% coupon

    If you don't have Santal Noble I'd go for that its a great price. Shipping is free on orders over $100.
    Oriscent, AgarAura Pure Ouds, Creed, LIDGE, Patou Pour Homme, tons of niche and rare stuff for sale!!!

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    Default Re: 25% coupon

    I second Santal Noble. The only MPG I like ...

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    Default Re: 25% coupon

    Can't go wrong with these MPG's scents:

    Santal Noble
    Ambre Precieux
    IB Gris

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    Default Re: 25% coupon

    Woo Hoo! Just ordered Cologne Sologne from Parfum de Nicolai, and Divine Bergamote from the Different Company! The code works like a charm!


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    Default Re: 25% coupon

    The coupon certainly works!
    Just ordered Sultan Safran (Comptoir Sud Pacifique)

    Thanks! *[smiley=tekst-toppie.gif]

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    Default Re: 25% coupon

    I just placed an order to up my 1/3 oz decant of Santal Noble to a full 3.4oz beatiful bottle of it.
    Caant wait for it to arrive.

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    Default Re: 25% coupon


    SN backordered

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    Default Re: 25% coupon

    Yep, I just talked to Monica at Bh and verified that SN is b/o'd. *I ordered anyway and shipment is expected in 2-3 weeks and yes, the code worked. *Don't forget to change the "tax" field if you live outside of CA or they will charge you tax.

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    Default Re: 25% coupon

    Does anyone know how often makes this offer?

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