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    Default Scents in the city?

    I'm 19, living right on the edge of downtown Vancouver, and I'm looking for urban, moden (postmodern? :P) scents..Scents that blend well with the atmosphere of the city. The climate here is grey and rainy, i happen to love it! Out of my wardrobe, i think Bvlgari Black, Cuiron and Azzaro Visit are probably the closest to what i'm looking for. I'm really interested in the CdG Incense and Synthetic series but i'm looking for a wide array of options... Any suggestions for scents that have a young, urban, slightly overcast aura?

    Top Five: Oud Wood, Aventus, Kyoto, Rose 31, Tam Dao

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    Default Re: Scents in the city?


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    Default Re: Scents in the city?

    Venezia uomo

    Passage d'Enfer

    Diptyque Galliano

    first things that came to mind...

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    You know, in a rainy climate, I think that the most beautiful scents to wear is fougere scents for some about Grey Flannel or Burberry London for Men?

    Close your eyes, so you can see what you're smelling.

    "Press trigger twice to release the strength of wood...the wantonness of vanilla...the sentiment of floral...the passion of spice!"

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    If you are interested in some CdGs and their Incense series I'd recommend you check out their #3 as well. Cloudy incense with a touch of green.

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    Fahrenheit, reminds me of winter rainy days

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    Try iris scents! This wet and rooty smell would be a pandane to rainy weather!
    Dior Homme
    Bois d`Iris The Different Company
    Hiris Hermes

    others would be hard to find in your city, but on e-bay you`ll find everything!
    Iris Silver Mist Serge Lutens
    Iris Silver Gris MPG
    Sous le Vent Guerlain
    Vol de Nuit Guerlain

    But if you like leather note (as I can see from your choice), I can name some more:
    Cabochard by Gres (don`t be confused by feminine part of it!!!)
    Parfum d`Habit MPG (see the fantastic thread about it!)
    Cuir de Russie (Chanel or Creed)

    And my usual suspect - Route du Vetiver by MPG!!!
    Vetiver The Great!!!

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    Default Re: Scents in the city?

    I'm going to hit a local shop this weekend that carries Lutens and the MPG Iris silver gris (i think they may have the Diptyque Galliano room spray as well), and then hopefully order some cdg testers from luckyscent and make a trip to the mall to test some of the more available suggestions. Thanks guys!
    Top Five: Oud Wood, Aventus, Kyoto, Rose 31, Tam Dao

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    Default Re: Scents in the city?

    Hey madvillain

    I'm 19 and live in Vancouver as well, that makes two of us. I don't know if this fragrance fits your description very well or what your looking for, but I think L'artisan Voleur de Roses is a must have fragrance if you live in Vancouver. I own this one myself and love it. The scent just blends in very well with the type of rain we have. You'll get what I mean when you test it out for yourself.

    I love what Adeel had to say about it:

    "Picture yourself as a young child walking through a grassy field. Raindrops falling gently as the fresh moist earth squishes under your bare feet. You pull some roses carefully from the thorny bush to give to your mother. Placing the roses gently in the front pocket of your overalls you look to the orchards. Reaching up you pick a ripe plum hanging from a branch heavy under the weight of fruit and rain. Sitting down on the moist earth you bite into the plum dribbling juice down your chin onto the fresh picked roses.
    Welcome to the world of Voleur de Roses! "

    Good Luck
    Currently wearing: New-York by Nicolaï

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    Default Re: Scents in the city?

    212 Carolina Herrera
    Chic Carolina Herrera
    CDG 2
    Mark Birley
    Anvers Ulrich Lang

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    Default Re: Scents in the city?

    You rang?...

    First of all, Shifts and Nsamadi are right on in their recommendations. The CDG Incense series and Voleur de Roses are exactly the scents you need. Of the Incense series, I recommend Jaisalmer (which is spicy, warm, earthy, a tad sweet), Kyoto(which is cedary, relaxing, has a bit of coffee), and Zagorsk (Cool, piney, a bit of iris, very bracing). Voleur de Roses is great for rainy days, because when you wear it, you don't know where the rain ends and you begin. Very damp, earthy, and just a beautiful drydown. Some hate it, so sample first. I love it though, but it BEGS to be worn in the rain.

    And it does sound like you need to try the CDG Synthetic series. I've tried them all and I have Skai and Dry Clean. Skai is amazing in my opinion. Very warm, vinyl record smell with some incense and a burnt paper smell. I've gotten alot of compliments, and I wear it when I want to put out the artist vibe. Dry Clean is kind of simple, but very long lasting. Minimalist yes, but there is something carefree and nostalgic to it. Garage and Tar are both very odd, and the drydowns are hard to describe. They may be too weird for you, or they may be just weird enough. Soda is nice, and is true to the name. Also try Odeur 53. Its one of the coolest scents of all time, and it doesn't even seem like a scent sometimes.

    Definitely try Voleur de Roses and the CdG Incense and Synthetic series'. And also, as Marlen recommends- try Passage D'Enfer. It doesn't strike me as urban, per se, but its one of my all time favorites.

    happy hunting.

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