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    Default Joop Nightflight

    I bought this scent about 6 years ago and still wear it on occasion. *I heard that scents lose potency after a few years *and was looking to buy a fresh batch so to speak. *I know that Joop discontinued making Nightflight a few years ago and was wondering if the stock that I see for sale on many websites has been sitting around for a few years? *Anybody have any ideas?

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    try posting this on the "fragrances wanted" board:


    Quote Originally Posted by MikeFromManhattan
    If you do a search at some vendors should come up that sell it.

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    I think it still is in production (see, but it looks like the the EDT is only available in 30 and 50ml now...

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    I wouldn't worry if the bottle was never sprayed and never made it out of the box. Be wary of testers that never had a box or unsealed scents.

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    If you are in the San Diego area, check out Sun Moon perfumes, they're a wholesaler and they also carry Nightflight. They have THE lowest prices that I've seen on many of their fragrances. My secondary choice would be to browse the e-tailers. Cheers.


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