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    Default Q about Fahrenheit and Grey Flannel.

    Hi everyone.3 years ago I tried Fahrenheit and Grey Flannel again -I hadn't tried them since the 80's.I thought they were too polleny.I want to say too floral,however I really like Joop which I think has some strong florals going on so I'll say polleny.Anyway I tried them again last week and I am just smitten with them.I think that Grey Flannel smells somewhat similar to Fahrenheit even though the main note there is violet whereas the main note listed for Fahrenheit is honeysuckle.
    Incidentally I don't think Fahrenheit is any more synthetic than say MI or Kouros however that seems to be the main criticism here.I hope that wonderful honeysuckle note doesn't have a benzene ring attached.It probably does though or it would be much more expensive.
    My question is what out there is similar to Fahrenheit mainly.That is what I prefer.If one can't think of such a fragrance then say how about something similar to Grey Flannel which I like somewhat less.
    Posters here say that Burberry Touch is very similar to Fahrenheit.I have Touch and really like it,however,I don't really get this.Touch reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor's Passion(the drydown at least) which I also like.More of a oriental instead of a floral though.That rubbery Tonka bean note or whatever.
    Someone here said,I think,that Creed Green Valley is similar to Fahrenheit.Is this true?
    Also is Fahrenheit still a big seller in Europe? I think I have heard this.If indeed that is true that is somewhat interesting.I don't think it is too big here in the states.Not anymore at least.
    Thanks tons as always.Roland.

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    Default Re: Q about Fahrenheit and Grey Flannel.

    I hope what I suggests helps, but it may not.

    Fahrenheit is doggone unique. I don't think its greatness, weirdness, and amazing range is duplicated anywhere. I too have heard that Creed's Green Valley resembles it, but when I sniff Green Valley I don't get the great rush that Fahrenheit gives me. So I stick with Fahrenheit. I also smelled Creed's Chevrefeuille Original (a honeysuckle scent) hoping to get Fahrenheit's pleasure topped, but no go, it was a let down in comparison. Maybe you'll just have to stall a Dior customer.

    Grey Flannel is a beauty I like too. Nothing out there is a clone of it, and it doesn't clone anything itself. It is, however, a scent with a lot of violet. Violet is that cold nose-stabbing clean spike that kicks out of Grey Flannel, so maybe you'll find something you like by searching for a violet scent. My favorite straight violet is by Molinard. "Les Fleurs de Provence" series, "Violette." It smells like French violet and vanilla candies that come in small metal tins. It might be close to feminine, but hell, it is great at what it does and I like the cold danger it stabs me with. It is no where near the range of Grey Flannel, but it is similar to that spike of GF.

    What I suggest is that you stay with those two for what they are, but there are similar scents in style, not ingredients that might please you. These two are wet and mossy smelling to me (Fahrenheit is sometimes hot and burnt, thought). If you like that style you might seek out Celine Pour Homme, Halston 1-12, Kiton Men, and Nino Cerrutti Original. Green Valley fits into this slice of the fragrance pie too. There are others but I can't think of them now.

    Good luck, but if you've got stuff you like in Fahrenheit, Grey Flannel, and Joop!, you've got rich and pleasing stuff already. There's always spin off options like Fahrenheit Summer and Eau de Grey Flannel, but...
    Good luck,
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: Q about Fahrenheit and Grey Flannel.

    Yes! Let me add a suggestion: Bois de Filao by Comptoir Sud Pacifique. I think you will love it.

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    Default Re: Q about Fahrenheit and Grey Flannel.

    Hi Chris and Leo.Thanks tons for the information.Incidentally I have I-12 and I love it.I'll definitely check out the others also.Merci,Roland.

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    Default Re: Q about Fahrenheit and Grey Flannel.

    If you like Grey Flannel then perhaps you may like Chanel Platinum Egoiste. It reminds me of a more refined Grey Flannel. They both have that sharp opening but the aldehydes and spice in P.E. sets it apart from the two.

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    Default Re: Q about Fahrenheit and Grey Flannel.

    Guerlain's Aqua Allegoria Lavanda Velours smells very much like Grey Flannel to me.

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    Default Re: Q about Fahrenheit and Grey Flannel.

    Hi everyone.Thanks for the response.
    Anyone know about Gai Mattiolo Uomo? I have heard it is close to Fahrenheit and in no wise inferior.Released in '97 is all I know about it.No reviews here or at Perfumeemporium.Thanks Roland.

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    Default Re: Q about Fahrenheit and Grey Flannel.


    To me Kiton's *Kiton Men* (one of DustB/Chris's suggestions) smells very much like *Fahrenheit*, although it's sufficiently different to warrant owning both, but throughout it's entire drydown, it reminds me of *Fahrenheit* decidedly.

    If you check out the reviews in the Basenote's Directory, you'll see that there are some who agree with me on this one. I suggest you check it out.



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    Default Re: Q about Fahrenheit and Grey Flannel.

    Okay Scentimental I'll check that out.I tried to get a sample from perfumebay last week on some stuff I ordered but they were out.May be an in demand fragrance looks like.Thanks tons,Roland.

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    Default Re: Q about Fahrenheit and Grey Flannel.

    I think Francois once noted that one of the Galimard frags was just like Fahrenheit, but I don't recall which one...
    In rotation: Greenbriar (new), Silver Mountain Water, Dunhill for Men (1934), Acqua di Parma Colonia, Habit Rouge EDC, Ho Hang, B*Men, Agua Brava

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    Default Re: Q about Fahrenheit and Grey Flannel.

    Seigneur J de Galimard, mon cher vicomte de K!

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