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    So I was at the mall today for lunch (food court Chinese food cannot be beat...), just pissing about, and stopped in at The Body Shop to flirt with the very friendly sales associate. I know her, a little, because she used to bartend at a place where my sister managed...Portland is a small town...and anyway...she ended up spraying me with one of the Body Shop's own men's fragrances, JAVARI. Really not bad! Warm, spicy, musky in the drydown. It really does compete with some much more high priced fragrances. The other men's stuff didnt impress me, but I liked this Javari. The SA loved it too, and, of course claims that ALL women will immediately shed all clothing in it's presence.
    The website lists Topnotes: armoise, bergamot, clove bud, elemi and nutmeg Middle/Base:black pepper, cinnamon, sage, lavendin and spearmint . It's a fairly light, office friendy fragrance, and wears fairly close to the skin, but I keep getting nice whafts of it as I walked around today. The clove and pepper come through nicely, and the base never gets too sweet.

    So it was tempting impulse buy, but I didnt pull the trigger. She gave me samples of the EDT, body wash, and aftershave cream. We'll see how it does over time.
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    I love Beleaf.

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    The pink pepper EDP scent from Bodyshop will be my next purchase.

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    Slim- the Javari is nice, but it is a shameless Le Male knockoff! If you want something like that try Perry Ellis 360 White.

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