I thought we could use a thread on fragrances from this Italian house. *A couple internet sources claim the line does not contain synthetics and uses only all-natural ingredients. *Have you tried, or do you own, any by i Profumi di Firenze? *What are they, and how do you like them or not like them?

I've only tried one of theirs so far, one I'm testing right now, Spezie de Medici, an EDP that has cinnamon, cayenne, cardamom, clove, and ginger; one internet company that advertises the line says Sicilian Orange is also in the mix. *If you want a pure spice scent, I recommend this one highly! *I got my sample from Luscious Cargo. *

It started out with a slight pink bubblegum note, though not as sweet as bubblegum (I noticed the same thing about LP No. 9 by Penhaligon's, which has a lot of warm spices). Now the spices are coming out more, with cinnamon taking the lead, and a nutmeg scent, though it says there's no nutmeg in it. My sense already is that this could be an excellent choice, but a little of this would go a long way, as it's intense and a little aromatic. *A big plus is that it isn't medicinal in the least. *I think I notice the orange coming through in the drydown; there's a nice mix of spices, and they're still very much to the fore; and the mix of spice and orange is very nice.

I saw someone posted Spezie de Medici as a recommendation for a Christmas scent--I agree!--and a couple guys have posted that they've worn this in the last month or so. *I wouldn't wear this every day, though of course a person could; it's more of a scent for those times when you crave a spicy scent, either "just because," or because it fits the occasion. It could be great to wear on dates! Just not too much...it's potent.

It's nice to see so many posts on scents by this company in the archive. *Here's the link to a company that advertises the line, gives descriptions of the scents and mentions stores where you can buy them.


And here's an article about the house (second article down).