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    Default Thank God for Customer Service

    Hi Folks,

    I was in Macy's the other day and this young guy took my card and said he would mail me some samples as he was closing at the time. After a few days I called the store and the manager thought that I was so mistreated that she sent me the following samples all pretty big spray bottles of edt:

    Allure Homme
    Allure Sport

    Hilfiger True Star Men
    Soul by Curve
    Hugo Boss
    Polo Black
    Beyond Paradise
    3 samples of Zihr shave creme

    Man thank God for customer service!

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    I don't get it, you got tester bottles or samples? I got the same treatment during the last hour before closing time, SA said all the drawers were locked that held the samples and she didn't take my name and address either. I always get crappy treatment at this particular Macy's in the business district of my town, and forget about making a call there at that time either. > And from what I've noticed all the SA's do are bunch themselves up in cliques and chat the rest of the time away. I think I'll make some waves when I call the next time...the call usually redirects to the management office if the counter doesn't pick up the call. The big joke is when an SA picks up the call they ask you how can they offer me exceptional service...WHAT A JOKE!

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    Default Re: Thank God for Customer Service

    Sample sized in spray bottles...average 2.5 ml each.

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    Default Re: Thank God for Customer Service

    Too bad the only good one you got was Onyx ...

    The rest I'd throw in the garbage [smiley=wink.gif]

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