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Thread: London: Harrods

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    Default London: Harrods

    Does anyone know if Harrods has "niche" brands?

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    I saw Acqua di Parma, Annick Goutal, Creed, Diptyque, Floris, L'Artisan Parfumeur, and Penhaligon's, all spread about several rooms. There might be other gems to be found. Enjoy.

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    Also Jo Malone and Caron and Serge Lutens. *A five minute walk away is the Santa Maria Novella boutique in Walton Street. *Just along from Horrids is Harvey Nichols where you will find Bond No. 9 (only stockist in the UK) and the Dior Homme scents (Bois d'Argent etc). *If you want to make a day of it the Patricia de Nicolai shop is not far away and you can end up at Les Senteurs in Victoria (only stockist of MPG and Frederic Malle in the UK, I think).


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    roja dove on the 5th floor of harrods does etro, diptyque, lanvin, caron, acqua di parma among others. you could contact them on 02077301234

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    Any one knows the Creed price range is in Harrods? I know the Garden Pharmacy in Covent Garden sell Creed but they sell above the RRP, example 75ml for 85($150)

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