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    where in london can i buy piper nigrum?

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    That's a good question. I didn't see any LV scents sold anywhere in London during my visit there - despite checking numerous stores.

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    Maybe Harrods?
    I'm just guessing... Harrods looks like a place where they would have niche brands...

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    If you wend your way along Regent Street, heading towards Piccadilly staying on the left hand side of the road you will come across a small arcade known as QUADRANT ARCADE. Venturing into the arcade you will find a small bespoke Tailor. The name of the Tailor's shop is SEGUN ADELAJA. Inside you will find the Treasure you seek. The Owner is enthusiastic and will hand over armfuls of samples if you purchase anything.

    020 7287 2626

    Alternatively the General Ttrading Company just off Sloane Ssquare may still have some Villoresi left . I am not sure whther they are still Sstockists but I bought some Piper from them at half price about three months ago.

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    thanx a bunch Guidion.

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