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    Default A Rocabar morning

    Today was one of those days. A brilliant sunny morning with enough chill in the air to make you want to wear a sweater. I had garden work to do, and as I got ready I remembered Rocabar. It is always a revelation that something that becomes so familiar that it recedes into the background of one's collection, is all of a sudden experienced anew when the mood strikes. Classics are classics for a reason, even though we sometimes get enticed with the new and improved.

    Anyway, I am on my lawn tractor tooling around and the adjective elegant strikes me. Here is a scent that makes no effort at being part of a category. Today we have category scents until we are drowning in them. Here is something so elegant (that word again) and refined that it comes wrapped in horse blanket and the whole country estate thing works amazingly.

    Hope that you are all enjoying your weekends. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.


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    Default Re: A Rocabar morning

    You found the right fragrance for your country morning.
    Rocabar is perfectly autumn, cosy and country side.
    I wish I had a sweater, a lawn and a Rocabar too :

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    Default Re: A Rocabar morning

    Pavneet, well put, and happy Thanksgiving to you.

    I couldn't agree more, this morning was a wonderful morning of cool crisp colourful Canadian weather of which an unmistakably elegant daytime spicy scent like Rocabar is completely fitting.

    The essences of clove, sage, nutmeg correspond so naturally - Isn't it always a pleasure to feel warm.

    Rocabar and Hermes in particular I've found, have never contributed to any existing category, but have defined and re-defined their own.

    The wool wrapped bottle of the past only strengthens that unique category; great choice.

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