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    Default Which ones should I get first?

    I've finally decided to cross over to the "dark side" and explore niche scents. Aside from Creed, Annick Goutal, and a couple CDG's, I don't have much experience with any. I've read reviews on a few that are often mentioned here. The ones I'm interested in are Piper Nigrum, C&S No. 88, Dzing!, T&H 1805, Passage d'Enfer, Arabie, Tam Dao, Bond's New Haarlem, and Tea for two. As a broke college student, I'll only be able to acquire 3 or 4 decants at a time. In your honest opinion, which ones should I get first? Any help is appreciated.

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    Default Re: Which ones should I get first?

    In descending order:

    C&S No. 88, Piper Nigrum, Dzing!, T&H 1805
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    Default Re: Which ones should I get first?

    Of the ones you've mentioned, I've only found Dzing! to be wearable. Piper Nigrum is somewhat wearable to me ... but I've grown to dislike it.

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    Default Re: Which ones should I get first?

    In order:

    Piper Nigrum
    New Haarlem

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    Default Re: Which ones should I get first?

    Well, I'm no expert but I've sampled a few of these. I really like Tam Dao and Dzing. I've also tried Piper Nigrum and I wasn't overly impressed. T&H 1805 seems like a straight forward aquatic scent and, while I like it, I suspect there are better.

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    Default Re: Which ones should I get first?

    I would pick up a sampler set from either Luscious cargo or Aedes, they should have a few of the scents you are looking for. Then you can pick up decants of your favorites. I think they might have everything on your list except the C&S and T&H. If money is an issue, definitley try some samples before buying a decant. Good luck!


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    Default Re: Which ones should I get first?

    I agree with the above suggestion about trying some samples first. These are some most excelent, but somewhat "strange"scents - that is, people have strong, individualistic reactions to them. Personally, I think you have some nice choices there.
    Piper Nigrum is worth all the hype. Just an astounding fragrance. Rewards repeated listenings, as we used to say say in the music bizz. In my top five, always.
    Dzing! is like nothing else and quite wonderful. In my top five, usually.
    Tea for Two - Beautiful. This is the scent that really aroused my passion for fragrances and made me a believer in L'Artisan. I don't wear it out often, but when I do I always fall in love with it all over again.

    I'm less familiar with the others, having only tried samples of C&S 88 and Tam Dao.
    I order samples a lot from luckyscent, and they have some of these. I got my Piper Nigrum from some other website...I think...Yep, it was LusciousCargo.
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    Default Re: Which ones should I get first?

    C&S No. 88, and New Haarlem

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    Default Re: Which ones should I get first?

    Thanks to everyone for the input. None of the designer frags that are being released this year appeal to me so I figure I might as well try some more exclusive scents.

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