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    Default Finally tried Dior Homme

    And its very nice. *Not exactly what i was expecting, but very nice just the same. *Its not powdery like i thought it was going to be. *I can DEFINITELY pick up on the cocoa in it though, and the iris as well. *It was very sweet in a cotton candy type of way. *Actually, it reminded me a little of Flowerbomb. *This could absolutely be marketed as a womens scent. *Oh, and the bottle is stunning. *A big piece of chunky glass. *The metal tube inside is cool as well. *I didnt buy a bottle but will VERY soon.......probably this weekend. * [smiley=laugh.gif]

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    Default Re: Finally tried Dior Homme

    I can't wait to sample this more thoroughly. I have to say, from the limited exposure (sniff) I've had so far, "sweet" wouldn't be the first thing that springs to mind.

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    Default Re: Finally tried Dior Homme

    Is it available in the states here yet?

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    Default Re: Finally tried Dior Homme

    Yes, Zippy, it is. I had my wrist test of it a few days ago curtesy of Nordstrom. Check it out.
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: Finally tried Dior Homme

    It's not as sweet as I had feared, and most things turn sweert on me.

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    Default Re: Finally tried Dior Homme

    NO [smiley=tongue.gif] [smiley=tongue.gif]

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    Default Re: Finally tried Dior Homme

    Just bought a bottle of Dior Homme at Nordstrom. I LOVE it!! It's like nothing else around at the moment. I didn't actually care for it when it was first sprayed on my skin. The opening notes reminded me of the original DK for Men, which never worked well with my chemistry. But within a few minutes, it developed into a smooth, powdery drydown, very sophisticated. It could easily be worn by either men or women. The drydown reminds me somewhat of L'Instant Homme (must be the cacao in it), but different enough to warrant owning it. Very classy. And, as others have noted, the bottle is a work of modern art, worth having for that alone! Such a refreshing change from the fruity, aquatic scents that seem to have permeated the marketplace. I think Dior has a hit on its hands with this one!


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    Default Re: Finally tried Dior Homme

    I'm very afraid that Dior Homme will become like Le Male and L'eau d'Issey and A*man extremelly used by everyone. Soon everybody will have it and u won't smell different from the rest....

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    Default Re: Finally tried Dior Homme

    Got a sample of this today and I would like to join the praise, the cotton candy sweetness is so nice. But unfortunately I believe whitechandoo is right...

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    Default Re: Finally tried Dior Homme

    Saw this at Nordy's today at lunch....
    At first spray...I was like what the FU%$ is this BULLSH#$

    The lady was like....give it 10 minutes....I reluctantly agreed.
    Well....10 minutes later it transformed into a nice light/fresh/powdery Hanae Mori Edt.
    At least that's what it reminded me of at the time....It has now been an hour since application and
    although it is may be too similar to HM.....(OH DAMN...I was so impressed with its transformation in 10 minutes I bought 100ml)
    Now I may be having 2nd thoughts....It is still in the plastic though....I'll think about it over the weekend.

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    Default Re: Finally tried Dior Homme

    It was launched in the Middle East three days ago. It's talked about in many of the marketing seminars as the perfume that will make a turning point in the contemporary designer perfume industry. According to their articles: Hedi Slimane is putting back the *creative* sense into the designer scent.
    Looks like it's destined to become a mega seller.

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    Default Re: Finally tried Dior Homme

    How about lastingpower?

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    Default Re: Finally tried Dior Homme

    I put it on early this morning and can still smell it. If I can still smell it, I know others can. Great lasting power!


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    Default Re: Finally tried Dior Homme

    Better then allure maybe?

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    Default Re: Finally tried Dior Homme

    It didn't last more than a few hours on me. Or well, it was still there after maybe 3 or 4, but quite faint.

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    Default Re: Finally tried Dior Homme

    Tried it twice more and still love it. Here are my initial thoughts on Dior Homme:

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    Default Re: Finally tried Dior Homme

    I just bought myself a bottle at Nordstroms...

    Dior Homme intially smells an awful lot like L'Homme de Coeur (Divine) with an added surgary cardamom and vanilla top note. It seems to be a bit longer lasting on my skin than L'Homme de Coeur and the drydown is a tad more complex so far (leather pops in and out and there is an iris root note that grows over time. I like it...)

    Still, it's a toss up for me. I bought it. I will wear it but it's not on my top twenty list. But oh, the bottle is cool...


    The drydown continues and now I get it. This one is all about the iris! Doh.

    Dior Homme is not as strong or long lasting a statement as Bois d'Iris (Different Company) or as delightfully weird as the aforementioned L'Homme de Coeur but maybe it's a more acceptable variation on the iris theme for those men who find the other two iris based concoctions a bit too outre.


    And it's now four hours later since application and DH is nearly gone except for a faint Dzing-like, Bulgari Black-ish leather/rubber accord which I suspect was there all along but hiding amongst and under the dense iris top and mid notes.

    I like the bottle. It's a beautiful design. The juice? Not a disaster but ultimately, a disappointment. I doubt I will ever spray this one again. Not while I have Bois d'Iris, L'Hommer de Coeur, Bulgari Black and Dzing to keep me warm.

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    Default Re: Finally tried Dior Homme

    Tried Dior Homme a number of times on the skin, ready to share my impressions with fellow Basenoters.

    I really liked top and middle accords which smelled *VERY* promising with (I suppose) the iris note.
    What impressed me is, this part of scent is very calm and has a foretaste of a storm
    in it's dry and, say, pricking freshness. I REALLY wished it had further turned into some dry woods
    or almonds with light bitterness, but ...
    OOOOPS! it slipped into a lavender-powdery smell with a hint of sweetness
    (synth-ambery or benzoine-like), like that of a drugstore P&G sort of soap.
    Deeply down the base note it finally showed some nuttiness but in more than a light form.
    Although at first I sort of liked the scent, all in all I'm hugely disappointed
    with the composition vs. my expectations for its progress on skin.
    And where's vetiver and leather promised in the ingredients list?

    This IS the scent with which one can most easily see that "for men" and "for women"
    are plain marketing gimmicks. Dior Homme could make a GREAT multigender (or shared)
    fragrance for the house. Talking more on marketing, I really can't see why this one
    was stamped "men's". The concept doesn't look like a fragrance
    for "young and promising", but the scent, in turn, doesn't have
    any noticeable character to it: neither severe, nor unduly familiar or vulgar;
    neither razor-blade sharp, nor softly enveloping; neither steadfast, nor shimmering
    or vibrating. Dior Homme doesn't shout scream anything out loud, it' doesn't whisper
    anything passionately. It doesn't touch tenderly and it doesn't kick ass as well.

    What it really does, is relaxing the wearer (that uncertain sort of "homme";
    they really should place a question-mark after "Homme" like in "Moschino Uomo?&quot.
    And it's obviously OH-SO NICE type of scent, no need to go to the foretellers
    to say it will be another "babe magnet" and, therefore, a sales hit in a way.

    Personally, I like relaxing scents (Nemo, Rocabar, Escada Casual Friday, to give you
    my view on the concept) but I won't place Dior Homme among these since they do have some
    manly character to me. If you liked Dior Homme, I think you *must* try Annayake pour Lui
    which also has some sort of soapy feel but is MUCH better in terms of composition, methinks.

    I'd recommend Dior Homme to those who like light sensual fragrances. Living myself in a cold
    climate, I can say it makes a good relaxed summer evening fragrance and probably won't suit
    rainy fall or frosty winter days due to plain lack of warmth. DH lasted 4-5 hrs on my skin.

    As I said before, it could make a great shared scent, thus ladies don't need any courage
    to pull this off.

    Anyway, IMO, it's the most interesting "not-derivative" release this year
    (not tried Azzaro Silver Black/Onyx yet).

    Regards, Odor.
    "One man's "cat piss" is another one's "masterpiece" (popular fragrance wisdom)

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    Default Re: Finally tried Dior Homme

    Thanks for your nice review The-odor.
    It's really the most interesting release. and still shocking for me.
    I'm unable to wear this fragrance. It makes me almost swoon. Why - I already said on this forum.
    Never been shocked with a fragrance so much before...

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    Default Re: Finally tried Dior Homme

    The burned-rubber / leather note that Griff mentions above, is this typical of coumarin? Because the sample that I have of Dior Homme notes coumarin among the ingredients, and it's supposed to be part of Angel (A*Men, I suppose) as well. There seems to be a lingering synthetic leathery or rubbery note in the scent which reminds me strongly of Angel, and which is my least favourite part of this scent - which I like quite a lot, but mostly for the interesting soft, dry top- and middle-notes, as have also been mentioned already. I agree with The-odor - both in liking the top and in having reservations about the drydown. Though I think overall I like the scent better. I would say I'm only mildly disappointed, rather than hugely so.

    I like your description, The-odor, of "a foretaste of a storm". This seems both highly evocative and accurate.

    It's my SotD, and it seems I've avoided the sticky dark coumarin (or whatever) thing by reducing the number of sprays I used as compared to last time.

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    Default Re: Finally tried Dior Homme

    Ugh! I can't get past the overtly synthetic, chemical, paint-stripper sensation upon first spray. I'm sorry, but I can't "wait" 10 minutes for it to dry down. This stuff would kill a crow. I know everyone has debated the pros and cons of "natural" vs. synthetic. Synthetic is only good in my book if you can't tell it's synthetic. The one thing I have always enjoyed about men's vs. womens fragrances is that they still had a "natural" essence to them, probably thanks to the "fresh" trend that has been going on for so long and notes like citrus, lavender, etc. To me this scent represents everything that is bad about "perfume" and will no doubt turn me off even further if this is the direction of men's fragrance.

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    Default Re: Finally tried Dior Homme

    Purchased my bottle and Love It.

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    Default Re: Finally tried Dior Homme

    I like very much the creamy-velvety "waxish" iris root note (like Olivia Giacobetti's Iris for Hermes but without the coconut note) that endlessly develops in it. I agree that it will become a classic as A*men, Le male, etc...

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    Default Re: Finally tried Dior Homme

    Odor, you hit the nail on the head. That's exactely the way I feel about Dior Homme too, good review!
    The scent makes me feel good and relaxes me. *One of the better releases (designer and niche) this year.

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