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    Default L'homme sage by Divine. How is it?

    I've been exposed to the splendor of L'homme de cur (thanks Setamp) recently, and I'm going to order it.
    I just thought maybe I should order L'homme sage also. Is it on the same par with de cur?


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    Default Re: L'homme sage by Divine. How is it?

    I've sampled both and of the two, I think you made the right choice. *Although I find L'Homme Sage to be very similar, it's a little more feminine to my nose. *And like a Villoresi or a Creed, these scents definitely have a "signature" note that tells you it's a Divine fragrance. *

    I'm acutally sampling Sage now, after reading this post. *It is very nice but my personal opinion is that if you own de coeur ... there's no need to own both. *

    Especially at those prices!

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    Default Re: L'homme sage by Divine. How is it?

    I have decants of both and find them to be quite different. L'Homme de Coeur is a cool iris scent with a distinct animalistic edge. L'Homme Sage is a warm incense scent with distinct sweet fruit notes of lychee and mandarin that perisist well into the drydown. Both are excellent.

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    Default Re: L'homme sage by Divine. How is it?

    Sage is a scent that grows on you. Give it a chance. On my first wearing, I also thought it to be somewhat feminine. With further experience, I was able to identify the notes and better understand the composition. I no longer felt it to be feminine but didn't consider it to be on par with L'Homme de Coeur (one of my favorites). After the 3rd or 4th trial I was hooked. This is a very good scent. It is the blend of saffron and cardamom that requires some acculturation. Once this combination of spices is appreciated (along with the added sweetness of lychee), the fragrance really opens up to reveal its depth of woods and incense. Sage includes immortelle which I believe creates the "Divine note".

    This fragrance is aptly named. Sage is not named for the herb (which I do not believe it contains); instead it is named for wisdom or education derived from experience. Take your time with Sage and enjoy it. There is a lot to explore.

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    Default Re: L'homme sage by Divine. How is it?

    Lovesick the wind that carries it

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    Default Re: L'homme sage by Divine. How is it?

    Anyone else get a kelp-like note in the top of L'Homme Sage?

    L'Homme de Coeur reminds me a lot of Dior's Cologne Blanche, though better I think. Smoother, clearer.

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