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    Default Castle Forbes, anyone tried it?

    Has anyone tried any of the Castle Forbes colognes? The are made in Scotland and from the descriptions sound quite interesting. I'm thinking about making the plunge but was hoping for some feedback before I leap.

    Also, being a fan of Trumper's I'd be interested in any feedback on other English colognes of note.


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    Default Re: Castle Forbes, anyone tried it?

    I've tried Gentlemen's Cologne, Keig and Lonach. They were all OK, but I didn't like any of them enough to spend my hard-earned lucre on a full bottle.

    My overall impression of Castle Forbes fragrances is that they're simply not distinctive enough to be must-buys.

    Gentlemen's Cologne is a fairly traditional-smelling combination of citrus and woods. It's pleasant enough, but I always have problems remembering what it smells like unless I pull out my sample again. That's usually a sign to me that a fragrance is not particularly distinctive.

    Keig is a more green/ferny style of men's fragrance with a slightly sour quality when you first apply it. I liked the sourness - and overall I probably liked this the best of the 3 I tried. But Keig didn't have that "wow" factor that often prompts me to buy a fragrance. Again, I felt it lacked distinctiveness.

    Lonach - this one is quite sweet. Perhaps too sweet for my nose. I'd describe this as a gourmand-style scent, although I've also seen it described as a "smoky oriental". Personally, I don't detect any smokiness in it, and it's certainly not as spicy as many orientals. I wore this to the office once, but ended up washing it off, because it became too cloying. If you like your fragrances sweet, I think there are many better, more interesting choices around than Lonach.

    Overall, I wouldn't put Castle Forbes' fragrances in the same class as Trumper's. I don't find Castle Forbes' stuff as interesting as Trumper's, and they lack that up-market, high quality feel you find in many of Trumper's fragrances.

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    Default Re: Castle Forbes, anyone tried it?

    Thanks for the great descriptions of Castle Forbes colognes. Lonach is the scent I was intereted in trying. As you mentioned, it is touted as an Oriental. I'll stick to more tried and true orintals and pass on the line unless I come across a sample.

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    Default Re: Castle Forbes, anyone tried it?

    The only CF that I've tried is the Gentlemen's Cologne. I did buy this in Chicago a couple of years ago at Nordstrom downtown. Verve said it right about Gentlemen's Cologne. This sort of reminds me of Boucheron Pour Homme...maybe with a little more bite. Citrus with some woods...Traditional sums it up well.
    I'd sample before I purchased for sure.

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    Default Re: Castle Forbes, anyone tried it?

    I have tried Keig. Harsh! But it dries down like Kouros.

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