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    Default Summer/Winter Scents

    What does a guy wear during the summer when most every frag he likes (mostly orientals and the like) is classified as a winter scent? I generally am not fond of aquas and citruses. Maybe start with which frags are considered appropriate year round? (I know I can wear anything I want anytime I want - but then again, I can understand why some scents would be more suitable in the heat and some less)

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    Default Re: Summer/Winter Scents

    I wear Platinum Egoiste year round to work. I think Burberry Brit is also versatile enough to be worn during hot/cold seasons. It's light enough for the summer and yet warm enough for winter holidays. Lanvin Vetiver is another year round scent for me as well.

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    Default Re: Summer/Winter Scents

    I think Creed OV would be a good year-round scent.
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    Default Re: Summer/Winter Scents

    L'Anarchiste - a blend of both "hot" and "cold" notes makes this a favorite for year round wear. The opening blast of mint, vetiver and mandarin makes it refreshing, the latter notes of clove and musky woods gives it a pleasant warmth suitable for colder weather.

    [b]Guerlain Vetiver[b] - The reformulated top citrus notes make it very easy to wear year round, with the vetiver (which I get more than others) in the dry down make it wearable no matter what the weather.

    1881 Amber - The ozonic qualities make it fine for summer (though better in evenings than day time), the hints of violet and amber make it good for cooler weather as well.

    Yang - Another nice blend of warm and cool notes. The green tea provides a refreshing aspect of summer, the spices a nice warmth for fall and winter.

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    Default Re: Summer/Winter Scents

    Just vary your method of application.

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