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    Default Diesel: Masculine

    I have Diesel: Plus Plus, and I also have Diesel: Zero Plus. I like both of them, though I don't take either of them very seriously. Diesel: Plus Plus is soft and sweet, but not too soft and sweet for a man to wear it. It also has an interesting bottle; it looks a little like an old-fashioned milk bottle. My one problem with Diesel: Plus Plus is that it reminds me of the scent of some very pleasant spray-on deodorant.

    It's simple to describe Diesel: Zero Plus: It smells like cinnamon. Period. Which is fine, because I like the smell of cinnamon, but it's not very complex. It smells like cinnamon, and nothing else, so there's not much going on as far as dimension. (Diesel: Zero Plus, like Diesel: Plus Plus, has an interesting bottle. A very festive shade of red.)

    Any thoughts on either of these scents, or other Diesel scents?

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    Default Re: Diesel: Masculine

    Both of the scents you mentioned are very good.Although I dont own them,I have sampled them on at least two occasions. Zero Plus does smell of cinnamon,but I am trying to move away from the sweeter scents at this time.Other than that, I cant complain.I really liked Plus Plus, but on dry down it was too similiar to Desire. Otherwise, I would definitely buy either of these fragrances considering their prices.

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    Default Re: Diesel: Masculine

    I do agree that Plus Plus smells like Desire a bit. (I smelled Desire on somebody today, it was a little cloying, but maybe to a woman it wouldn't be. I also smelled Azzaro Pure Vetiver on a guy- it was nice, but then again, I like Pure Vetiver more than most people do).

    Plus Plus was one of those scents I was elated to get my hands on after reading descriptions and seeing the bottle- cool milk bottle concept. I like++ because its a bit odd and off the beaten path- i could almost see this as something put out by Comme des Garcons. Its a good scent to have for the price, especially. One of those nights when you just can't decide what to wear, pull this one out, give it a shot and hit the clubs. It has a friendly fresh nature, a bit of spice and sweetness, and it is a good antidote to the Aqua di Gio masses. Really I hate Aqua di Gio wearers so much. I got off work and was doing laundry after midnight instead of going out. When I got in the empty elevator, it reeked of Aqua di Gio, as someone had just departed to hit the town. I'll wager they probably had a pinstriped baby blue club shirt on too. geez, why does everyone have to wear the same shit? You know what though? I almost don't mind Aqua di Gio as I am too busy hating Axe wearers.

    Anyway, Diesel Plus Plus is quite synthetic and its a "pull" scent, but its a good scent for occasional wear in clubs or dates and such- occasions when you want to be a bit cheeky and over the top. Its a bit trashy, but I like it.

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    Default Re: Diesel: Masculine

    I've really been thinking about getting this one blind... have no place to test it but it's quite cheap and I just have see that bottle/packaging.

    It seems pretty "safe"... is it one of those scents that could never offend anybody?

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    Default Re: Diesel: Masculine

    Man ... I've never tried either one of these, but a quick check on ebay ... you can get either one for under $10.

    I've paid triple that for some decants ...

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    Default Re: Diesel: Masculine

    I haven't tried Plus Plus yet but I have worn Diesel Zero Plus, and I like it a lot. Very cinnamon like indeed. I like to wear it during the winter months.

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    Default Re: Diesel: Masculine

    Quote Originally Posted by ziffy321
    Man ... I've never tried either one of these, but a quick check on ebay ... you can get either one for under $10.

    I've paid triple that for some decants ... also sells Diesle Zero + at a ridiculously low price.

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    Default Re: Diesel: Masculine

    I have the original (discontinued, I believe) Diesel (so-called "yellow" Diesel) and to me it's best of the bunch. It starts like a burst of sparkling spiked pop soda and then dries down to a quiet spicy-sweet aroma. Quite italian, IMO.

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    Default Re: Diesel: Masculine

    Diesel ++ is an ambery fougere scent, which is fairly similar to Sculpture.

    Diesel Zero plus is a spicy oriental to my nose - which reminds me of M7 after wearing it for a while.

    They seem to be on sale, going dirt cheap, all around the world. Which is odd given that they smell quite good and have excellent staying power.

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    Default Re: Diesel: Masculine

    I like Plus Plus but dislike Zero Plus because it's just too simple, as you already stated!

    On the other hand I really lóve Diesel Green!!!

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    Default Re: Diesel: Masculine

    Just wondering... is the ++ bottle made of glass or plastic?

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    Default Re: Diesel: Masculine

    It's painted/sprayed/tinted glass.

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    Default Re: Diesel: Masculine

    Quote Originally Posted by apekrul
    It's painted/sprayed/tinted glass.
    Thanks. I actually hoped a little that it was plastic... I sometimes have to bring a fragrance when going somewhere and I would feel a lot safer if it was made of plastic... I have a bad habit of breaking stuff unintentionally. But it's not like a fragrance bottle breaks easily anyway I guess..

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    Default Re: Diesel: Masculine

    The Baron was wearing Jaipur Homme EdP today and his valet told him that he smelt the same fragrance on someone at the mall and thought The Baron was in the vicinity! However, the thought of Jaipur Homme, let alone Jaipur Homme Eau de Parfum, in this primal podunk was incredulous. The Baron admonished his valet by pointing out the similarity in the pungent cinnamon layed on top of creamy vanilla of Jaipur Homme and Diesel Zero Plus. The Zero Plus has a sharper cinnamon than the Jaipur Homme, in which the cinnamon is much more smoother due to the creaminess of the vanilla. The Baron proceeded into his manor as his valet awed in the complexity of The Baron's nose.


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    Default Re: Diesel: Masculine

    Hmmm, funny... I've never seen Diesel Green in the shops here before... then as I entered a warehouse today I saw it on sale for something like 15$. I tested it but I was so busy that I forgot about it again. I guess I have to test it again tomorrow. For a price like that I almost have to buy it just to see how far you can spray with it. It is, after all, the SuperSoaker of fragrance bottles!

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