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    Default Fragrance family poll idea

    The_love has worked hard on the excellent polls on fragrances year by year (so did Docluv with his SOTD popularity survey). I had an idea for some other polls, since I don't think this has been done lately: first, have one thread where everyone can nominate their top choice for the best of each of the top men's fragrance categories, which I believe are citrus, chypre, fougere and oriental, and we could throw in gourmand, woody, floral, fresh, leather, and aromatic, if you think we should. At the top of the thread, we'll describe the categories, people can then post their top nomination, and then we'd do other threads for each of the different categories with a poll with the top 20 choices to whittle it down to #1, also naming the Top 20.

    The hard part would be agreeing on whether some scent is within a certain category, because many scents overlap between a few different categories, but we could post back and forth on that. Or, maybe a few experts here can volunteer to decide whether a scent is really part of a particular family, though I guess we don't have to be too strict. I'll start it if you think it's a good idea and it's feasible. I could keep track of the threads and the tallies; it might be easier if the eventual polls (after the initial nomination thread) were stickies at the top of the forum page, but I can "bump" the threads to the top to remind people to add their nominations.

    So, what do you think? It is possible or not? Which of the above familes do you think we should vote on? Maybe some of those, like aromatic, are not popular enough to warrant a thread--tell me if you think any are not worthy of a poll. Any other suggestions? And once we start the polls, how long do you think we should leave the polls open?

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    Default Re: Fragrance family poll idea

    I think that this would be an interesting experiment. A lot of work though, but since you are volunteering ...

    To me a very interesting part would be just seeing what categories things are placed in. And even before that, just coming up with a concise but comprehensive set of catgories could be very interesting.
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    Default Re: Fragrance family poll idea

    Yeah, it might be tough to tell which scents fall into the chypre or fougere categories. *We could still do it for citrus, fresh, oriental, floral, woody, gourmand and leather. *I know we've done some "best of" threads for those, but I don't think we've done polls on them lately, have we? Then again, maybe people are "polled out" and need a break from polls for a while.

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    Default Re: Fragrance family poll idea

    A good idea, and a good way to get suggestions for future acquisitions. I love it.

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