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    Default Declaration/Bois D'Iris/Dior Homme

    Hey guys,

    I'm really anxious to try Dior Homme after reading a bit about it. Some said it is a bit like Cartier's Declaration and some said Different Company's Bois D'Iris.

    I dug up a sample of BDI and have worn it to work a couple of days, and I really like it now. Initially I thought it was one of the most boring scents, but its really good on skin. It reminded me of Declaration.

    The problem is this. I love Declaration and Essence, but I'm afraid to wear them because of the whole "cumin/armpit" thing. I just don't get it. I think Declaration is one of the best frags ever, but one time I wore it around a girl I liked and I swear she bristled and made a noise when she smelled it as if she didn't like it or she thought I "smelled" LOL! Plus I read the review page for Declaration, where the proctologist talks about Declaration, and that about ruins it for me! I can see how Declaration could be said to be a bit sweaty and animalistic, but it also smells really classy- I think. I really want to wear it, but not if people think I need a shower or something... I'm actually afraid to wear it out, which sucks because I think its awesome, but then maybe the overall smell of it just doesn't suit me imagewise- I don't look like a banker with my crazy hair.

    I was wondering how close to Declaration, Dior Homme is? If it has some similarities to Declaration, I think I'd dig it. Also, how powdery is it? I can't wear Helmut Lang EDC, its like chalkdust on me (I like the EDP though). Stuff that's really powdery can wreak hell on allergies, so I don't want it if its, you know- "stuffy".

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    Default Re: Declaration/Bois D'Iris/Dior Homme

    I wouldn't compare these two to Dior Homme in my wildest dreams. They're both works of art, whereas the best thing I can do for DH is politely describe it as 'commercial'.
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    Default Re: Declaration/Bois D'Iris/Dior Homme

    Bois d'Iris (2000)
    by Different Company

    I will not take your time in a review but of the three you have written
    about MY choice would be, without question, the above.


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