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    This 'museum' is part of a perfume school in Versailles. *Browsing their website, I noticed that Francis Kurkdjian gave a talk a few days ago on "Parfums d'Homme". *Now wouldn't that have been interesting? *At least, it would if my French was better... *Anyway, maybe someone whose French is better than mine could have a look at the site and answer a question for me: what is the criterion by which the scents that are listed on the website (nineteen pages of them!) have been chosen? *Is it sheer quality that determines a scent's place in the Osmotheque, or are other factors at work?


    Sorry - quick edit to provide the web address:

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    Seems to place a lot of emphasis on discontinued fragrances as well as cataloguing modern ones. I would like to try La Fruit Defendu.

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