After a long, long wait from this one being out of stock, I finally received my Mark Birley from Luckyscent. *In fact, they sold out in 24 hours on this and you have to go on another waiting list to get it again.

Anyway, I really like this one. *Great for a daytime scent and would work as a night out scent too. *A thread a while ago ... some people stated that they thought the "carrot seed" note was too much, and that turned them off of this. *I can honestly say I don't know what the hell a carrot seed smells like. *I mean, is there a difference between the smell of carrots and carrot seeds? *I hear a lot on basenotes here about people saying they think a fragrance has too much patchouli, bergamont, basil, etc... . But carrot seed? I'm curious if this has been used in other fragrances ... and the real burning question ... where would one go to smell a carrot seed? Just curious ...

I have to say this about Mark Birley though .... to my nose, I find it has a stirking similarity to CdG Dry Clean. *A better, well made version. *I like Dry Clean, but it can be a bit too strong and synthetic smelling. *To me, this is CdG Dry Clean done to perfection.
Granted my nose is a little off due to being in direct line with various sports projectiles and body parts (heads, fists), but does anyone else see this similarity? *Or are you staring at this post and saying WTF? *[smiley=huh.gif]

Either way, I think this an excellent fragrance and well worth the wait. *Only time will tell if it will wind up in my "all time" top ten. So many have been there and dropped out after prolonged use (MI and Piper Nigrum to name a few).