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    Hanae Mori or Pi(are they similar?) - which one is better and attracts more favorable comments from the
    fairer sex?Thanks.

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    No, Hanae Mori HM and Pi are not similar.

    There is a difference: Pi is more powdery and sweeter, while HM is a smoother, more balanced scent. If you do get the Hanae Mori HM, make sure you get the Eau de Parfum and NOT the Eau de Toilette: the EdP is the smoother, mellower one, while the EdT is just a cloying floral mess.

    As for compliments from the opposite sex: HM wins.

    Also, have you tried Angel MEN (A*Men outside the US and Canada) by Thierry Mugler, too? Now that's the gourmand to beat...more compliments, more foody, and (IMO) simply a better scent.
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Pi is just to cloying and Hanae Mori seems to always leave me forgetting what it smells like. *I would go for Opium PH EdP or Escada Casual Friday (I've gotten compliments on both!) *Casual Friday is more like Pi, but not overly cloudy vanilla, more fresh I might say.

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    Pi is simply cartloads of vanilla. It is very cloying, boring and one dimensional. HM is an overall great scent which lasts long time and projects well. Make sure that you get the EdT version (which is also easier to find) since I find EdP terribly synthetic.
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    HM is better. As to which version of HM, I use the EDP and HM EDP is my weapon of choice when there is a need to impress the female species.

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    Hanae Mori EDP is good but I prefer A*men because I feel it is darker and has more depth to it. Pi is just vanilla and sugar. It gets boring after a while.

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