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    Default Triggering Female Attraction with Cologne?

    This site has been one of my favourite websites since I receontly discovered it. *I love fragrance, i love the beautifully designed bottles, the multi-facit dimiontion each scent offers, and the way it makes me feel the moment i mist a well crafted fragrance and allow it to slowly dry on my wrist and neck. if I'm injecting something wonderful into me that invigorates my personality and the world suddenly becomes a better place. *

    BUT!! is simply spraying on some pleasant smelling liquid enought to TRIGGER attraction inside a woman's system? For a while i was caught up into which cologne will turn women on, or at least get them to like me. *Instead, the responses i get when i wear cologne highly varies. SOme love it, others MACHOS berate me for being gay and then i ran into a post on the Female fragrance forum that firmly stated (along the lines of) *"i don't give a shit how a man smells, a jerk that smells nice is still a jerk." That comment really woke me up from my vigorously research on which scent will harbor me the most success with women. *

    The MARKETING for fragrances always comes with a fancy tagling, sologan, and statement that the fragrance has a personality...and implies that the man/woman who wears it will come to embody the traits of that certain scent. *For example (taken from my current favourite, Baldessarini Del Mar suggest that it's "for the man who has a discerning style and discriminating taste. He enjoys the finer things in life. Women are captivated by his presence .
    Rich, refined, and playfully indulgent, his scent is inspired by a leisurely voyage of discovery across vast oceans and exotic locations - a lush blend of mandarin, Earl Grey tea, and black pepper, blended with warm woods and exotic spices." *And to tell you the truth, I bought into this whole image and imagined that I was a Rich man on the yacht that could give James Bond a run for his money...when i applied on a dose of DEL MAR. *But then i realized that i was buying into the image the fragrance was ment to convey in order to SELL. * Modern marketing made men believe that they will instantly become the seductive model on the fragrance ad if they purchased a bottle...and I fell for it.

    Fragrance are simply works of art that entices the 5 senses...starting when your eyes moves along the curves of the bottle, followed by picking up the bottle and carass it in your hands, then slowly uncapping the naked...which then allow you to push the right buttons and thurs releasing a sensuous liquid that excites the olfactory part of your brain and perhaps, even make you feel a certain orgamic a way the experience of applying on a cologne is like making love to a women...some women are more beautiful than others, but it's the substance that counts. *And along those lines, so are men. *If a man smells great, looks like he just stepped out of a GQ magazine, but lacks substance and inner beauty...he'll just become a nice looking bottle with PISS inside, and who wants to wear piss liquid?

    I collect fragrances like how others collect cars or art. *I'm 21 years old but I wear more MATURE fragrance because I want to smell like DADDY - since the sense of smell triggers powerful emotional states and brings back memories...double with the fact that women are generally attracted to father figures, i figured that if i smelled like one, they'd flock to me like moth to a flame. * Two days ago, I would have asked "which cologne will make me smell mature" or "how do i smell like a hot girl's father figure in order to attract her?" *Now, i just wear whatever that i think smells good. *If a girl agrees with my personal taste in cologne, then she has great taste and is worth considerding. If she doesn't, she either get used to it or buy me one that we both like. *Smelling good is part of good grooming...which is only one dimension in regards to attracting women. *A man that is fun, confident, and intersting that wears cheap deodorant like Old Spice is far more attractive than a boring prick who sprays $100 bottle colognes. *This is just a self realization that I made after spending countless hours searching what fragrances will get me laid.

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    Default Re: Triggering Female Attraction with Cologne?

    Welcome aboard, Takeshi. You certainly have got the right idea when it comes to wearing scents.

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    Default Re: Triggering Female Attraction with Cologne?

    Welcome! Good post too...

    I have to admit that I love to read what selling teams put together to make me want to buy it. And I fall for it every now and then, but say to myself that I am aware of it. I don't know if I'm just fooling myself. Still love a well written description for a perfume. Comme des Garçons has been very succesful at seducing me actually ^_^

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    Default Re: Triggering Female Attraction with Cologne?

    I think you can use a fragrance to get a girls attention but that doesn't mean she'll throw herself in your arms right away. You might also get her attention by wearing nice clothes, buying her a drink or just by saying hello to her. It's not the fragrance they are supposed to fall in love with. Would you ever fall in love with a girl just because she wore something that smelled good? (I know that some people in here would probably fall in love with a girl if she recognized their Creed right away but that's different ;D).

    I think fragrance is just one way of many to get the attention of people around you.

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    Default Re: Triggering Female Attraction with Cologne?

    Welcome to Basenotes. Good post. While fragrances won't make you attractive to females, they definitely add icing to the cake. I personally use them as an ice breaker when women comment on my scent. Many women also say that it doesn't matter what scent you wear. Just the fact that you're wearing ANY scent shows that you care about your appearance and take care of yourself. That could give you a leg up. Hope to read more posts from you.

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    Default Re: Triggering Female Attraction with Cologne?

    Look at it from the other way - from your own POV.

    I know a couple of attractive girls, both of whom usually wear some very appealing perfumes. This makes me feel more attracted to them. Their scent catches my attention, and it can become something of a turn on in-itself. It encourages me to respond to my attraction, but note that I was already attracted. In these two cases, I compliment them on their perfumes and always notice when they change fragrances.

    I knew another girl (at work), good-looking but not really my type, and not into me at all. She always smelled absolutely wonderful. I never once commented on her perfume, or made any kind of social or romantic ovetures to her.

    Another girl I know, one who I was very drawn to, ultimately turned me off because she would frequently (maybe 1/3 of the time) smell like BO.

    My view, is if a girl compliments your scent then she was already attracted to you. Your cologne is an ice-breaker that allows her to tell you that she likes you. I find that I don't get compliments generally, I just seem to get more attention - more focused attention - from some girls. Again, the girls who already liked me.

    Wearing a frag and knowing that I am clean, free of BO and smelling good lets me be relaxed and confident. And girls like confidence.

    Just as a girl is more noticeable when she smells good, I think that wearing a frag makes you a little more noticeable. You are getting their attention via an additional sense. A lot of times I unintentionally sneak up on people because I move a bit stealthily. This happens a lot less when I wear a frag. Girls especially seem to always be aware of me once I'm at arms range or so. This turns heads with the girls that like me, and the ones that don't aren't suddenly surprised at my presence.

    The downside is that you can wear a frag that can turn off someone who liked you otherwise. One of the two aforementioned girls that I found attractive briefly wore something that I distinctly did not like, and it would kind of back me up rather than draw me. A fragrance always has the power to repel.

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    Default Re: Triggering Female Attraction with Cologne?

    Quote Originally Posted by Carlos3
    Wearing a frag and knowing that I am clean, free of BO and smelling good lets me be relaxed and confident. And girls like confidence.
    100% EXACTLY!!! Confidence is absolutely the key to success with the female species. Especially the highly attractive ones. At the ripe old age of 42, I have somehow become highly attractive to young woman in the past few years. Why? I actually look older (if not distinguished), not as good as I did at 30....but my confidence and experience speak for themselves. I don't have to even think about it. And my scent....speaks too of confidence. Effortless. It only took me 4 decades to figure this out.

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    Default Re: Triggering Female Attraction with Cologne?

    I'd just like to add that for some girls, smelling like BO isn't necessarily a bad thing. I mean, it's never pleasant to smell someone that absolutely reeks of sweat or what have you, but it can be very nice if a guy has a subtle "guy" smell. In fact, my favorite men's colognes are the ones that smell sort of like perspiration. I think this is why I still can't get into perfume = sexual attraction. I wear fragrances to express my individuality, but I can't imagine anyone ever being turned on by a perfume I am wearing. Maybe there is something I am missing, who knows.

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    Default Re: Triggering Female Attraction with Cologne?

    When I refer to BO, I'm referring specifically to that rancid, bacterial smell.

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    Default Re: Triggering Female Attraction with Cologne?

    I agree a scent, perhaps a more "mature" scent can make a person feel more distinguished and all, but there is one thing that women don't have to smell is DESPERATION!

    Take it easy, play it cool, let the scent reach out and lure a woman like a silk net, and don't forget to smile. [smiley=laugh.gif]

    Close your eyes, so you can see what you're smelling.

    "Press trigger twice to release the strength of wood...the wantonness of vanilla...the sentiment of floral...the passion of spice!"

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    Default Re: Triggering Female Attraction with Cologne?

    Nearly every day I'm at work I get some guy (or a group of guys) coming up to me asking, "What cologne will the girls like?" The point is that although women like that you might wear something nice, they above all else want to be treated with respect and as if they are special! Doesn't everybody? So you've hit it right on the head by realizing scent is going to just have women flocking all around you, even though the advertising agencies want you to believe it. It's all about respect.

    On another note, I know there are many of us here with all kinds of sexual persuasions, so it's good to keep in mind that we all have different ideas of what smells good. Some guys and girls I know want really sweet scents, and others want really heavy scents. Fragrances aren't so gender defined as some might believe but it all boils down that we all want to be treated with respect.

    I am personally a very visual person, so when I pick out fragrances I want them to fit with an image. It's less about what you wear as to how you wear it, in my book.

    PS Just to reinterate for all the men, it's all about respect, respect, respect! Any person who doesn't go for that probably isn't worth your time anyways.
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    Default Re: Triggering Female Attraction with Cologne?

    This is all I have to say.Like we are into fragrances, so are some women.Some may not even notice a scent even if you drown yourself in a fragrance.Honestly, I have my favorites frgrances which make me feel like that nigga,but that doesnt mean I will get the response I desire from the women.I get responses from males and females.Im just appreciative that someone notices.We fanatics are a rare breed. When someone comments on a fragrance Im wearing, I try to give them a little fragrance chat,but they are not really into it like that.They like the scent and knowing the name is enough for them. Any fragrance could be popular depending on your environment. Where Im from, all these women know is Curve. They dont know a fucking thing about Acqua Di Gio,for example, or any of the more popular fragrances.All they know is what they like.My point is, now that into this shit, I notice everyones scent.

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