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Thread: Samourai?

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    Hello, this is my first time posting on basenotes but have been a lurker for sometime.

    I have heard good reviews about the fragrance called Samourai by Alain Delon and like the fragrance notes but, cant seem to find anywhere to test it. Their are some places online that sell it but, before i buy it was wondering what some of your opinions on the fragrance were. Thank you.

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    yo what up john read my post

    try this john you can find it at mad sites besides this they sell it

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    I'm testing Samourai for the first time tonight. *It's a good scent! *It's light and smooth, though an hour and a half into it, it seems to be fading some, so I get the impression it may not be a long laster or else it'll stay close to the skin. *At the beginning, part of it is a fresh and marine quality, and I also get hints of light patchouli and cardamom, but that must be the jasmine mixing with the pepper berries, tarragon and sandalwood; it's also slightly powdery, and not too sweet, either. *There's also the slightest hint of the scent of dollar bills! *The longer it's on, the more it smoothens out and improves. *I doubt if this will replace my top favorites, but I'll still enjoy wearing it!

    After about 3 hours, it is fainter, though I'm pretty sure I notice some of the musk coming through.

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    Very well made designer scent. Very slightly oceanic with red pepper and a lil tobacco. I love it.

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    Another fragrance similar to this I believe is Romeo Gigli. Has a rose topnote followed by spices then wood. Although the difference being an unusual note running all the way through which reminds me of cheap champagne. Be careful not to OD on this one, you really don't want to end up smelling like the town drunk.

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