On a whim, I started listing what different people listed as their sotd this month. Little did I realize what a project this would be--there are hundreds of different fragrances listed. When I noticed today was a SSD and would skew my numbers, and that I was frying my brain keeping track, I decided to stop after 19 days. I have found the ones most listed though, for the specified time frame. There are a few disclaimers. Although I know most of the abbreviations, if I could not figure out what an abbreviation meant I didn't record it. It took me a while to realize that MPG Jardin du Nil is different from Hermes Jardin sur le Nil, and I may have miscounted those as a result. Some people may like to call Laguna Homme just Laguna or Rive Gauche pour Homme just Rive Gauche, but I recorded these as different scents. Similarly, I counted Forte and Extreme versions separately from the others usually. Okay, here come the numbers:

1. Green Irish Tweed (17) --this is even before today's SSD!!
2. Original Vetiver (16)
3. Himalaya (14) Another Creed!
4. Mugler Cologne (11)
5. Guerlain Vetiver (10)
6. Dzing! (9)
6. Cuiron (9)
8. Jicky (8)

With 7 each: Polo Blue, Voleur des Roses, Imperial Millesime, L'Ombre dans L'Eau, Havana, Silver Mountain Water, M7.

Habit Rouge is listed at 6 but would be more if we add in one edp and 2 Legere/Light versions (would then tie for 6th place on the list.

Others with 6: Bulgari pour Homme Extreme, Caron pour un Homme, Passage d'Enfer, Jazz, Vintage Tabarome (there was also one new Tabarome listed if you want to add it), Opium pour Homme, L'Anarchiste, Live Jazz.

With 5: Kenzo pour Homme, Platinum Egoiste, Witness, Jardin sur Nil*, Bulgari Aqua, Armani Black Code, Subtil pour Homme, Geir, Blenheim Bouquet, L'Eau de L'Artisan, Allure Sport, Eau Sauvage, M7 Fresh, Bulgari pour Homme, Jaipur Homme, Visit, Magnetism, Mitsouko, Dolce & Gabanna pour Homme.

That's about all I can do for now. I was a bit surprised by some of the numbers. It was also interesting to see that if someone wore one fragrance for several days, how it would dramatically influence the numbers.

Have a nice weekend!