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    Does anyone know where to find a big bottle of Jil Sander Backround on the net? All I can find are minis

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    I love this scent. I got a large bottle in a trade with a cerain moderater who lives in I could tell you where to find it, but don't give up the search! It's worth it!

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    It pops up rather frequently on the German eBay: *

    Though, you'll need to contact the sellers before bidding to see if they ship to U.S. (it usually sells in excess of $100 for 2.5 oz bottle).
    I always wondered why they decided to pull this gem off the market. It is by far one of the most sophisticated and classy scents out there.
    In terms of elegance, it's right up there with the likes of Must de Cartier Pour Homme.

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