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    Default fragrance that effect  behaviour???

    hi every body
    i have heard that fragrance could effect nervous sytem and behaviour but never gave it much concern, but lateley i felt that whenever i wear guerlain vetiver frozen i feel hungry, or when i wear polo blue, platinium, GIT and fahranhiet i feel like i want to jog or exercise , when i wear rochas LUI or Habit rouge (both app same ), or Guchi rush i feel like classy in a suit, if i wear allure sport, dunhil desire blue (very close), john varvatos , beyond paradise + DG , issey blue , SMW , declaration, *i feel sexy , on old spice and caron pour un homme i feel like i am very old fashion (but i love them)...
    sometimes when i choose a frag to wear it depend on what mood i am and how i wand to be that day which i think most of you have same idea. well some wear frag just cause they want to smell good for others not for themself.
    well what you think how about you do you wear frag for yourself or for others
    have you some experience *of this kind for example have you ever had a fragrance that could make you feel NOT Hungry (it may really be a good frag for a lot i am searching for it), or a fragrance that could arouse your sexual desire ( wow i heard that magnetism has this effect but not on me), or a fragrance that makes you feel strong or...
    we normaly think of what would fragrance make others think of us why not think what we think of fragrance ourselves what do some frag make you feel let's share our feelings

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    Default Re: fragrance that effect *behaviour???

    I always wear fragrance for myself. Never tried to impress someone with my frag.
    Herbal frags make me feel my stomach's instantly full to the top Citrus frags esp. orangey make me feel energized and hungry. Spicey frags simply make me energized. Sweet vanilla frags make me fall asleep.

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    Default Re: fragrance that effect *behaviour???

    If a scent lift you up and make you feel happy, strong and euphoric this one could be the one to keep
    and as we all are different we all have different need etc.........

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    Default Re: fragrance that effect  behaviour???

    These do not work always, but a lot of times with me:

    Lemon - too optimistic for cold or rainy days but just right for hot ones.
    Lavender - fresh and clean and good natured!
    Smoke and tar and resins - make me feel strong, sexy sometimes*. (Knize Ten, Quorum, yes)
    Just slightly sweet Orientals - make me feel warm, widen my chest (Arabie).
    Sweeter Orientals - can make me sick in an instant (Habit Rouge)!
    Roses - evoke romantic feelings to euphoria (several, not all).
    Vetiver - the end of all fun, must go and work, pay my bills, settle an argument, or wash the car!

    *: no dead safe sex potion exists for me. Linden tree blossoms and white lillies in the summer, or faint natural body odors are gifts from heaven. Certainly I do not wish to smell my own perfume when I share my bed.

    'Il mondo dei profumi č un universo senza limiti: una fraganza puo rievocare sensazioni, luoghi, persone o ancora condurre in uno spazio di nuove dimensioni emozionali' L. V.

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    Default Re: fragrance that effect *behaviour???

    Am I the only one who does not smeel the perfume once applied? I mean I can smell it when I apply it but then after 10 minutes or so I stop smelling it... And then I will only smell it again if I sweat or something...

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    Default Re: fragrance that effect *behaviour???

    Buying all the Creeds and MdG combined has affected my behavior---Now I'm broke. * : *

    Santal Noble makes me feel like knighting someone.
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    Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.

    My Antaeus can beat up your Armani.

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