Well, SSD V is T minus 14.5 hours away here in Fort Wayne, IN. And the theme of SSD V is Memories and Mayhem. The reason I chose the aformentioned theme is that SSDs bring back memories and also brings mayhem to many Basenoters who want to debate the merits of a particular scent (i.e. Paul G. and Guerlain Vetiver on SSD II).

Now, let's get to business. As we all know, the scent we picked for SSD V is Creed's Green Irish Tweed. One of my first memories of GIT was when I first sampled it at a Saks Fifth Avenue in Indianapolis. My Mom thought "Ouch...too green, too astringent". But the drydown was pure bliss. Later on that day, the girls swooned over the stuff.

Then, I sniffed Curve and Cool Water, and this brings me to the Mayhem portion of the post. IMO, GIT is a much better, more refined scent than those copycats. But many Basenoters disagree. Some say that Floris JF (another GIT Xerox copy) is better than any of the aformentioned smells. Others layer GIT over Curve, destroying the scent in the process. Still more say that GIT costs too much, even at online prices. And, of course, there are those that say that GIT is either heaven or hell. Not exactly as controversial as, say, Kouros, Joop!, or Angel MEN, but pretty darn close.

Anyone else want to share your GIT memories or mayhem? Start posting!

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