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    Default Just bought Opium edp homme on Ebay!

    Well, I'm going to enjoy this after all your praises for the men's Opium edp. Bought it for 29US on ebay.
    I'll have to wait for a few weeks until I visit family in Maine. I hate having to wait like this but the retailer said they couldn't send the frag as a gift with a 1$ value. Oh, well.

    Now which Obsession to get? The men's edt or the women's edp? I know they are very different. Any suggestions would help.

    Good night!
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    Default Re: Just bought Opium edp homme on Ebay!

    Congratulations on the purchase. I prefer the EDP over the Opium EDT. As for Obsession, I would go for the men's EDT. It is such a classic oriental that is great for nights out. It's the only CK scent that has a nice evolution IMO. The women's EDP is a bit much and it smells too feminine for me to pull off. On the other hand, I think a bolder woman could easily wear the men's edt. Good luck.

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