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    Default REVIEW: Modigiliani Uomo

    I saw this litte gem on Ebay described by the seller as having the following notes:

    Notes: Cardamom, coriander, hazelnut, pink peppercorn, cognac

    If I am to believe this is true, I would experience a somewhat sweet and powdery oriental gourmand

    What did I get?'s my take on Modigliani Uomo...

    The scent is a surprising melange of notes, immediately calling to mind 2 other fragrances: Dolce and Gabanna pour Homme and Claiborne Spark. Can you imagine the bright zingy topnotes of D & G, and the warmer almost boozey basenotes of Spark? Ok - now reverse them. The opening of Modigliani reveals the warmer notes and the drydown leaves the impression that someone just sprayed D & G!

    In the opening I can almost detect the notes as listed above - I get a sweet hazelnut note and a hint of a sweet almond note (cognac?) set against something citrus-ish, but not really lemon, grapefruit, or orange...must be the cardamom seeds...The sweeter notes begin to disappear and a slightly peppery note pops out. And that's about it - from here the scent does a 180 with merely a hint of those gourmand notes remaining in the base and something that reminds me of Lanvin Homme. As the drydown continues, I'm reminded of D & G...

    Do I like it? Yeah, I actually do!
    Climate? Probably best for cooler weather.
    Price? Dirt a net search!


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    Default Re: REVIEW: Modigiliani Uomo

    Marlen, I hated mine. *So much that I did not do a review on it. *The notes sounded so promising but the down dry was just like you said Dolce & Gabbana. *Not very long lasting on my skin either. :-/

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