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    Default Victoria's Secret Very Sexy

    Perhaps the U.S noters could help out with this one. These fragrances Very sexy 1 and 2 arn't available here in U.K, so would have to be mailed from U.S. Are they worth the bother and money? I've heard some good stuff, but also the comment in the directory that they are cheap Calvin klien Eternity clones, which if true wouldn't really interest me.

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    Default Re: Victoria's Secret Very Sexy

    I have V.Sexy 1 and tried 2.
    2 has more fresh notes.
    They both are nice, but smell a bit cheap and unnatural - synthetic.
    But many girls do like them a lot.
    They take my bottle of 1, hold it and sniff it

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    Default Re: Victoria's Secret Very Sexy

    I much prefer Very Sexy 2 over 1 and I find that it is really warm and natural smelling-----I wish it lasted longer because the girls all love it......I'm gonna wear it tomorrow

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    Default Re: Victoria's Secret Very Sexy

    I own the first one, sampled the second. The first one is okay, nothing great, nothing really bad either. There is a certain something in I do like, but I doubt I'd buy it again. I felt like the second one was pretty similar, only a bit lighter or "fresher" than the 1st and didn't bother to buy it since I found it less distinctive. I'd not recommend them as blind purchases.

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    I wouldn't bother with VS. A month ago I went to pay my power bill at a check cashing place- the area was pretty sketchy. And while i was trying to complete my transaction, some crackhead kept trying to sell me NIB bottle of Very Sexy for Men and a NIB bottle of Very Sexy for Women, hot no doubt. Well, I was really annoyed with his persistence, but the price was cheap- $20 for both, I almost bought them blind, but I sprayed some VS for men on my hand and it was truly bad. These were not knock-offs, they were the real thing, but IMO they smelled as cheap and tacky as AXE/TAG body sprays. Actually, even worse, they smelled like BOD body spray. It was so cheap and synthetic, it should have been called "Night at the Roxbury". It's so sharp and in your face it makes Aqua di Gio smell like Tabarome. I can usually see redeeming features in almost any scent; there are few I will outright bash, but this is one of them. There are a million better things you can buy for the same money.

    Try it before buying if you can.

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    Default Re: Victoria's Secret Very Sexy

    I am actually wearing Very Sexy right now and is a pretty good smell. Orginally when i received it as a gift, i had pre judgements of it of being a very cheap and way to common of a smell. But When is spray it on and let it settle down it acutally turns into a pretty deep fragrance that is quite unique. It is a much sweeter version of eternity and a mix of polo sport, with hints of some kind of rosey smell. Not my favorite but still isnt that bad. If you can get it for cheap its not a bad deal

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    Default Re: Victoria's Secret Very Sexy


    I'm in the UK and have VSII Men. If you want a sample to try then let me know and I'll send some in a vial if I can find one or something similar to put some in. Yes its a fresh scent. Nothing spectacular but pleasant. Couldn't tell you anything about VSI Men though as I just took the risk with VSII based on reviews on here and perfumeemporium.


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    Default Re: Victoria's Secret Very Sexy

    Hi, Just let you know that on EbayUk someone is selling VS1 10ml for 4.99

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    Default Re: Victoria's Secret Very Sexy

    I own Very Sexy for Him and love it. I purchased a sample vial blind of Very Sexy for Him 2 and it was as short lived as any fragrance I've ever tried on my skin. Additionally, the smell of for Him 2 is just not as quality in my opinion.


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