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    Do you tried Ormonde Jayne for men or Isfahan for men?

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    Mike_C did a review of both of these a while back in this thread:

    Personally I have tried them both and ended up buying Ormonde Men. Isfahan has however grown on me and I may be purchasing that next month. I can't sum it up any better than Mike_C - his review is on the spot. I definately see a similirity between Isfahan and L'Artisan Navegar but I think Isfahan is better. I guess if they were to make a Piper Nigrum Fresh it would be something like Isfahan. You may be able to ask them for samples of both. Failing that I have samples of both that you can have - if you're interested just PM me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Healer
    Mike_C did a review of both of these a while back in this thread:

    Speaking of which,does anyone know what happened to Mike_C?

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