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    Default Odeurs 53 and 71

    For those who know them both, which do you prefer, and why, and how strong is your preference?
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    Default Re: Odeurs 53 and 71

    I treasure both highly and have a HARD time choosing. I don't really think they are side to side comparable really. I would not want to be out either one of them. I give 53 a lot more wear, but 71 is such a beautifully twisted little thing that always gets me in a good mood when I use it. :-/

    I think it will be 71 after all, even though 53 is way more versatile.

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    Default Re: Odeurs 53 and 71

    I dislike them both but 53 is a réal stinker

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    Default Re: Odeurs 53 and 71

    I don't care for either one. They both smell very ordinary to me.

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    Default Re: Odeurs 53 and 71

    i have them both and I think 53 is better. 71 has kind of a salty battery acid kind of note that also reminds me of smoked almonds or pistachios- not always what I'm aiming for. Its just more of a warm scent of the two, but 53 smells cooler like refrigerated air. When I was a kid we used to put our pillows in front of the AC ducts before bed, so they would be nice and cool. This is was Odeur 53 is like- cool air. 71 is really interesting and still plenty wearable, but I like 53 more for its minimalism and I love the way it smells on skin. The mineral "flaming rock" note really comes out.

    I really wish CdG would release another scent in this series, say Odeur 62 or 44.(The digits have to add up to eight) I'm too lazy to specify the imaginary "brief" for the time being (I'm really hung over), but 53 and 71 are really nice and I would like to see another addition to the "line".

    But anyway I was thinking the other day that 53 could be one of my desert island scents.

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    Default Re: Odeurs 53 and 71


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    Default Re: Odeurs 53 and 71

    The King's New Dress.

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    Default Re: Odeurs 53 and 71

    I used to prefer 71 to 53. 71 was my first CdG scent:-) But now I can't live without the 53, esp. in winter. It gives you a gentle freshness, artificially enough to be completely neutral and blank. Think about cold, snowy, mountain "air". When I feel everything is too much for me, which happens very often in winter, 53 is a perfect scent. It's wierd that I find it much nicer in the cold days:-))

    71 still smells great, I love to smell it from the bottle. I like the organic-metalic sweetness in it. But some how I find it a bit "loud", which sometimes is a good thing, tho. CdG Series 8 Energy
    (Oct. 3rd).

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    Default Re: Odeurs 53 and 71

    Got decants of both of these at the same time... as I've posted before, Odeur 53 smells like Glad bag to me... 71, like burning electrical wiring and an office supplies closet. I give the advantage to 71.


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