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Thread: cdg wood coffee

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    i like the idea of coffee. any experiences with this?.........(wood coffee)

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    this and cinnamon are my faves from the "special lines"

    The coffee comes off strong in the beginning but softens a bit (maybe to much) but that's my opinion.
    a nice warm scent that is COMFORTING.

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    Go for B*Men! It has coffee, wood, vetiver, and everything you might like! So far, my fav cdg is kyoto! It has coffee in it as well! The coffee and inscense are absolutely wonderful!

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    Haven't tried that one....on deck :

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    If you like coffee,you have to try Bond 9 New Haarlem. Its the most intense coffee fragrance i know of.

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    It's not sweet enough for me:-P and at the end I feel a bit salty. There is sth similar to Kyoto and Sequioa to my nose. CdG Series 8 Energy
    (Oct. 3rd).

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    Lancome's Miracle has coffee in it.
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