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    Default Citrus Bigarrade; Masculine neroli???

    As one of those who love Malle's Bigarade Cologne (and Concentree), I could not help myself testing Creed's Citrus Bigarrade. The spelling is a little different, but I thought I might see some resemblance between Bigarade Cologne and this Citrus Bigarrade. But I was wrong. First of all, I find it hard to detect any petiegrain in it, instead, the top note is full of lemon, lime and bergamot. Very sharp. Though I personally prefer the tart petitgrain (as we smell in Bigarade Cologne), I thought it was a very refreshing top anyway. But there's this sharper undertone which I can smell in Neroli Sauvage, too (actually, Citrus Bigarrade feels like a super-short-lasting version of Neroli Sauvage, to my nose). Is this a kind of neroli Creed uses often or is this what we call "masculine neroli"? I can tell they have some in Silver Mountain Water, as well (and Millesime Imperial does not seem to have any....). Very very sharp and masculine scent which seems to last longer than citrus notes and sometimes almost gives me headache. I'm familiar with neroli used in female fragrance (very gentle flowerish scent), but this one is stabbing sharp. Would Neroli (Czech&Speake) smell the same way? Thanks for your info.


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    Default Re: Citrus Bigarrade; Masculine neroli???

    The Czech & Speake Neroli is not as dirty as the Creed. It is cleaner and more "pure" to my nose. It is also a much more linear scent with less development than either Neroli Sauvage or Citrus Bigarrade. That said, it lasts exceptionally well and to me it is quite unisex. It is a little sharp on application but settles nicely. Definitely worth a try if you like neroli but I question the price. Quite expensive for something that doesn't develop very much and IMO the other Czech & Speake scents are much more distinctive. Do try it if you can, I'd love to hear your opinion of it.


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