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    Do you tried this fragances?

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    Wow, they all sound wonderful, especially the Eau Illuminee. Although marketed for women, I think men could certainly wear that one. And the bottles are gorgeous. Wish there was more information on where they could be purchased.


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    I really like this line, which was created by Edmond Roudnitska's son, Michel. The fragrances have a wonderful complexity, combining classical structure with innovative touches.
    Amoureuse is a combination of jasmine, tangerine, black pepper, cardamom, which vacillates between smelling herbal (like a handful of parsley dusted with pepper) and opulently floral.

    Bois de Paradis is a rich woodsy composition, with a nice blackberry note. A bit on a sweet side, but perfect for fall.

    Debut is a green floral, with a great ylang note meeting green lily of the valley.

    Eau Illuminee is a sparkly citrus scent. I remember not liking it as much, but it was back in the day when I did not like citrus. I need to try it again.

    The fragrances are available from Aedes ( and Takashimaya in New York. Maybe there are other places, but I cannot recall off the top of my head.

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