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    Based on the new splash page when coming into the site, i went to "" and they pointed to about there pheromone products. I have always been interested in the ability of pheromones to impact the human thought process and thought it was worth checking out. Has anyone heard of are they reputable (linked up to basenotes so i thought if anyone would be, they would)? Have you tried pheromone products overlayed with your cologne products (they have a product called NPA that you actually add to your cologne)? Are they safe? Do they work?

    Basically any feedback on the interaction or word of mouth on these products and this site would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: Pheromone Question

    If they worked they would command a MUCH higher price.

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    I use them often (as you can tell by my name).

    They definately work! Many of the websites will have you believe that women will instantly fall all over you when you wear them. Obviously this is not true. You have to have some "game" going for you, but they will give you a leg-up.

    There are several different pheromones that are used, some cause an alpha aura, some cause a more friendly aura. Experimenting is an ongoing process.

    For example, if you wear a pheromone product that is high in Androstenone that is known as the male pheromone becuase it projects an agressive alpha aura, but you act like a wuss, women will not be attracted. But if you already have a sort of Clint Eastwood, "lone wolf" attitude, Androstenone will make you seem intimidating to women. Androstenone can also cause other males to become agressive toward you.

    One of the most reported efects on women is th DITHL (deer in the headlights). This is when you get close to a woman you don't know and her eyes just sort of glase over and she starees at you for no apparent reason. After she breaks her stare, she will look quizzical, like she has no idea why she just behaved like that.

    I'd sugest you lurk for awhile over at the forum and see if it's something you want to experimen with. You may also want to have a look at .

    There's been several independant studies with twins going into clubs, one with and one without mones, and there are very noticable difference of the behvior toward them.

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    Default Re: Pheromone Question

    Here's a few interesting links.

    Do pheromones influence human behavior?

    Pheromones seem to play an important role in mammalian social and sexual behavior. This suggests that the investigation of pheromone effects in humans is warranted. An early study showed that skin conduction in subjects exposed to androstenone was 1.5 times higher than in the control group [53]. These findings provided clues to the potential physiological effects of the 16-androstenes. In a study by Cowley and Brooksbank [54] 38 men and 38 women wore a necklace with a pendant containing androstenol during sleep. The next morning, the number of social interactions of the subjects was assessed and it showed that women wearing the necklace had had significantly more and more intensive contact with men than subjects in the control group. It was presumed that human pheromones had the potential to facilitate inter-sex communication.
    Another research team investigated the influence of odorous substances on photo assessment [55]. Two hundred men and women were told to rate a photo of a male person and to rate their own mood under the influence of androstenone. Men rated the person in the photo as "passive" and women reported their own mood to be less "sexy". In a follow-up study men under the influence of androstenone rated photos of males positively, if they liked the scent of androstenone [56]. In a similar study, male and female subjects rated photos of people, animals, and buildings under the influence of androstenol [57]. Subjects wearing masks impregnated with androstenol rated the photos of women as more attractive, more sexy, and friendlier, and rated the photos of men warmer and friendlier than subjects in the control groups.
    The influence of human pheromones on social behavior may pale by comparison to the influence that pheromones may have on human reproduction. Olfactory cues are essential in animal, especially mammalian, sexual behavior. In humans these olfactory cues are difficult to isolate and related discussions have lead to controversy. Nonetheless, humans are capable of discriminating between males and females by olfactory cues alone [58]. The afore-mentioned sex differences in the composition of human axillary secretions may be the basis for such discrimination. Pheromones also influence the human menstrual cycle. McClintock [59] found that female college students, who spent significant amounts of time together showed synchrony of their menstrual cycle, and attributed this synchrony to odors (pheromones). A few years later this finding was bolstered by another study [60]. Sweat samples of 5 women with regular 29-days-cycles were taken daily. These donor samples were applied to the upper lips of the female test subjects 3 times a week for 4 months. By the end of the test period, test subjects menstruated significantly more often at the same time as the donors than subjects in the control group. It became clearer that menstrual synchrony, which also is indicative of ovulatory synchrony, is controlled by pheromones. In a parallel study, the influence of male odors on the menstrual cycle was tested [61]. Odor samples of male axillary secretions were again applied to the upper lips of female test subjects. Those who were not sexually active had irregular menstrual cycles at the beginning of the experiment. After 4 months the mean cycle length was 29.53 days length in a majority of the test subjects. This strongly suggested that male pheromones have a regulatory effect on the menstrual cycle.
    Many authors have speculated that both androstenone and androstenol are male pheromones, raising the questions of whether and how females perceive them. Filsinger, Braun and Monte [62] showed that the application of androstenone to females led to negative descriptions of males whereas the application of androstenol led to a description of males as being sexually attractive. It has been shown repeatedly that females either find the odor of androstenol to be attractive, or that the perception of this odor results in heightened female sexual arousal [63]. These results indicate that androstenol can induce positive, while androstenone induces negative emotions towards males, and suggest that androstenol may be a male pheromone that enhances attractiveness.
    Maiworm [64] found that females perceive males positively under exposure to androstenol and negatively under exposure to androstenone. The finding that females are emotionally more affected by androstenone and androstenol than by control substances like rose water, led to the hypothesis that both androstenone and androstenol might be male pheromones. The role of androstenol in any hypothetical signaling system is clear, since it seems to promote female sexual attraction towards males. However, problems arise in attempts to determine the function of androstenone, which induces negative female emotions towards males. Besides, androstenone is the more prominent odor. Thus, the odor of androstenone will prevail, whereas the fresh sweat odor of androstenol disappears quickly. The fact that the production of attractiveness-enhancing androstenol inevitably produces the repellent androstenone makes it difficult to propose a definite advantage for the sender of such chemical signals compared to a non-sender. Arguably, a pheromone function of both substances is unlikely. If a male repels females with androstenone, this would contradict hypotheses, which assert male promiscuity on an evolutionary basis [65]. A less odorous male could out reproduce a more odorous male, simply because he could approach more females in less time and with less energy. This only holds if the costs of the more odorous androstenone production are greater than the benefits reached through producing the more sexually attractive androstenol. As androstenol oxidizes to androstenone the initial attractive signal becomes repellent. Because this effect takes place within 20 minutes [66], a less odorous male would be better off, since the repellent smell of androstenone is the long-term prevailing signal. If androstenone is a signal for females, then what advantages do more odorous males have?
    The situation is further complicated by the fact that olfactory acuity and specificity is modulated by the menstrual cycle [67]. Both acuity and sensitivity to putative human male pheromones appears to peak at ovulation. Schneider [68] proposed that females have a higher olfactory acuity at ovulation and Doty, Snyder, Huggins and Lowry [69] showed a direct correlation between estrogen levels, LH levels, and heightened olfactory sensitivity. These changes in olfaction during the menstrual cycle extend well to the odor of androstenol, and in general to the more "musky" odors typical of males. Benton [70] showed that the application of androstenol to the upper lip of females made them rate their mood at the time of ovulation as more submissive. In contrast, Filsinger and Monte [71] found no clear link between sexual history and the perception of androstenone. However, the absence of a correlate might well be explained by research design that did not discriminate between females who take hormonal contraceptives and those who do not, since the estrogen component of contraceptive hormones can be expected to influence olfactory ability. Quite notable, however, is that nearly all studies have found that androstenone is rated negatively independent of the female cycle.
    These mixed findings do not rule out the possibility that the female hormonal status may directly influence the perception of androstenone and androstenol. Maiworm [64] found that at different periods in the menstrual cycle androstenone and androstenol had different effects. Contrary to expectations, these substances showed no effect during the middle period of the menstrual cycle, in which ovulation is possible. Rather, effects are greatest during the first period of the menstrual cycle. At the same time, both pleasant and less pleasant effects may be observed in the final period of the cycle.
    Overall, results suggest the existence of two different olfactory signals: androstenol, which induces female attraction to males, and androstenone, which induces negative emotions in females. The functional assessment of such a positive-negative mood-inducing signal requires consideration of a set of evolutionary hypotheses.

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    Default Re: Pheromone Question

    And to answer your other question -- I've found, as a business entity, to be every bit as reputable and reliable as, say,

    Oh, also, it's NOT nearly as simple as slapping on some pheromones. *Given different body chemistries, personalities and etc., developing a working knowledge of what combinations and relative concentrations of pheromones to use can become both a protracted and pricey undertaking. *(As can the hunt for the male-fragrance-grail, of course.)

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    Default Re: Pheromone Question

    I've used pheromones before...that's actually how I found THIS board, I was doing research on pheromones.

    Personally...I don't really think they work. I think maybe people who wear pheromones might read more into something when wearing pheromones. Like, someone @ work looks @ them different or says something kind of out of the ordinary, and thinks it's an effect of the pheromones. Or people pay more attention @ the bar, & they think it's an effect of the pheromones. Who's to say that these things wouldn't have happened w/o wearing the 'mones?

    Also...perhaps one just naturally exudes more confidence when wearing 'mones because they think the 'mones are going to have some special effect, so they walk into a bar/party/any setting w/ more confidence, & THAT is what attracting people?

    I's kind of like saying "OMG the hottest chick hit on my the other night when I was wearing Curve..." & attributing the encounter solely on the Curve!

    Just my thoughts.
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