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    Default Fracas (for men)

    Could someone tell me about it?

    I have never smelled pour elle either

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    Default Re: Fracas (for men)

    the men's is very smokey, herbal, floral, mossy.

    the women's is very sweet tuberose. and lots of it.

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    Default Re: Fracas (for men)

    A simple search in the archives also gives:

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    Default Re: Fracas (for men)

    Strange, I searched the archives before posting, didn't see that topic. Must have done something wrong. Thank you!!

    I ask because it is on for 20 dollars, and I was curious how much money most people here would be willing to spend.

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    Default Re: Fracas (for men)

    The only reason why I did not post a second time on Fracas: I wanted to verify for myself the smokey note mentioned by scentimus. I still do not detect that but am happy to agree with everything else that has been said here and earlier. I am more than satisfied with this blind purchase - love Fracas! Within my own wardrobe Monsieur de Givenchy is closest. Fracas has more weight though and is just perfect in this season. Many thanks to everybody who encouraged me to buy it!

    Oh, forgot: I ordered mine from a Swiss distributor, it took about three weeks. All Piguet is imported from the US license holders. Modest price, but the only thing 'cheap' with the product is the bottle. Same with Bandit, by the way.
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    Default Re: Fracas (for men)

    I don't get a smokey note either.

    Regarding the archives search: never choose the "(all posts)" option, it is buggy.
    Choose "year" instead, for maximum time lapse.

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