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    Default Italian perfumers?

    I am considering the possibility of spring break trip to Italy, and although I have heard there are other cultural aspects to this country, I would hate to miss the major (and minor) perfumers situated there.

    Where are Santa Maria Novella, Mazzolari, Trussardi, Etro, Laura Biagiotti, Valentino based? Are there any special places to find cool perfume shops? Any other houses that I am missing?
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    Default Re: Italian perfumers?

    Try to find in Rome a little perfume house named Pro Fumum Durante Rome.
    I believe address is
    Via della Colonna Antonin, 30
    06 679 5982

    Some people told me that their range is very good and the brand is utterly underrated.
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    Default Re: Italian perfumers?

    I suggest you go to the Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella. Its at via della Scala in Florence. It is beautiful and chuck full of perfume history. I loved it and if you love fragrance you will too. Its so anicent the Green Salon and the Salesroom is breath taking.

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    Default Re: Italian perfumers?

    Seconding SMN big time! Excellent shop with high vaulted ceilings, a herbarium etc. While in Florence also make sure to visit Villoresi's Studio, friendly people, more products then you´ve ever seen and a lovely view over the city!
    Etro´s Flagship store is extremely cool as well, colourful, superb clothes, expensive -but then again most good things in life are. All fragrances including New Tradition and Anice are available here.


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    Default Re: Italian perfumers?

    Lorenzo Villoresi is in Florence and has a store which I think you can visit.

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