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    Default Just sniffed

    I was out sniffing this evening. I tried:

    Zirh Corduroy. Nutmeg dominates. Nice nutmeg, but big deal. It is mixed with something else sort of smooth that reminds me faintly of Bulgari Blu, maybe it is ginger, but I'm not so good with figuring many notes. Put this nutmeg baby up against Azzaro Visit or CSP Eau du Governeur and it loses badly. Very badly.

    Givenchy Very Irresistable. Oh blah, just blah. Why do they do this to consumers?

    Dior Homme. Blah again! This is outrageous!

    Obviously the general corporate strategy is to just be better than the dozen lowest common denomenator scents at most department store fragrance counters, so your new product can peel off the 1/12th of the customers who usually buy there. No need for creativity or daring, just put it out there--most people only know of the dozen scents at the fragrance counter and hell, some of them just might like our new one instead!

    I think that's the whole operating plan.

    CdG 2 Man. I've sprayed this on my hand and carried around strips with this at least ten times. I'd really like to like it, and I almost do. It smells of charcoal and fireplace embers to me after the pencil shavings of the top notes wear off. It is like Gucci PH but it is better--it doesn't have the baby shampoo note and sticks to the strength of the burned-down old log cabin smell. Sometimes it is warm too, instead of lost and burned out. It works as a scent but I'll never see myself in it. I won't test it anymore. It just isn't for me. I'd wear a hundred scents before I'd wear this one.

    Miss Dior. Hey, I've always read about this in history of perfume books, and what do you know, there's a bottle of it. Cowabunga! Now that's what I'm talking about! Wow! A must have. I hope no one asks me what I'm wearing when I have it on because I'll just have to sing I know all there is to know about the crying game. Damn this stuff rocks. It reminds me of something very strongly, something like a mossy JHL, or damn, something else. It is emotional and sad, like Kiton Men, Halston 1-12, and Celine Pour Homme, but it has some kick ass cinnamon (maybe) for a great warm zap. I'm smelling the angels here. Sold.

    They don't make them like they used to.

    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: Just sniffed

    hey Chris - CdG2 Man, there is something wrong with it.. As much as I've wanted to like it too, there is just something not right. For that accord, I much prefer the Gucci - even Visit.

    Very Irresistable - as complex of a department store choice as it is, and with so much personality, it just lacks personality.

    I had high hopes for Dior Homme...

    But, Miss Dior - isn't it a powerhouse!? good pick man.

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    Default Re: Just sniffed

    I bought 2 bottles of Miss Dior for 2 female members in my family for Christmas (shhhh, don't tell). It is an awesome scent but not one that I could wear myself. Great stuff!

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    Default Re: Just sniffed


    I recently tried the Miss Dior myself and was reminded, albeit faintly, of Tabac Blond. I'm planning a purchase, but like my bottle of Jolie Madame, the label will more than likely be coming right off.

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