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    Default Signature *Scent *in *Los Angeles


    I am looking for something exclusive, unique, and very well made for my signature sent.

    I consider myself a gentleman with grace, manners and style. I work as a *producer / lawyer in Los Angeles suit no tie or otherwise well dressed. *I club on the weekend dancing *to trance music with some very exciting lady’s.

    I enjoy receiving compliments on my scents, but I dislike when I smell the same sent on someone else.

    Please post your suggestions.

    Thank you,

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    Default Re: Signature *Scent *in *Los Angeles


    I Think the following would suit you nice.

    Amouage Dia
    Amouage Silver Cologne
    Creed Himalaya
    Clive Christian 1872

    Not everyone will have these!

    I feel the Dia and 1872 to be more subdued and refined.

    Silver and Himalaya would be a bolder wear but pleasant for others.
    As always, try before you buy.

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    Default Re: Signature *Scent *in *Los Angeles

    Trance music with the ladys sounds exciting !!!! NOW I might sound a bit disbracefull here but I have worked with a lot of gentleman with grace etc........... but like all well educated gentleman taste comes with education as well as grooming. Your familly buttler could have organised a personalised scent for you that can actualy be done if you have the dollars to go with it. With you name and your Familly Crest

    What went wrong ??????????

    Someone of your class should know what is usual or unusual.

    Invisible Power

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    Default Re: Signature *Scent *in *Los Angeles

    P.S. I'd rather work on spelling first before deciding on a signature scent!

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    Default Re: Signature  Scent  in  Los Angel

    Hi and welcome,

    Maybe you can tell us what notes or other fragrances you like and especially which ones you don't like! For me, Opium is classy but for someone else it might be Green Irish Tweed... two totally different perfumes.

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    Default Re: Signature *Scent *in *Los Angeles

    I second Amouage Silver Cologne

    I only have a sample of this but I think that you would'nt run across this fragrance too often in L.A. and it
    is a super smooth classy scent.

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