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    Default Paul Smith London and Spark

    One of my most recent purchases was Paul Smith London Man. I wore it yesterday for the first time and today I'm wearing it again. A good sign.

    Although it might seem rather boring at first sniff, this one really grew on me.
    I'm a sucker for fragrances with a cognac note (like Escada pour homme) and London is a good example for a nice cognac note (Boss In Motion Green would be a bad example, "Living Cognac" that's almost as ridiculous as the "Frozen Vodka" in Joop! Jump).
    After a couple of hours I noticed that London has a lot in common with Liz Claibornes Spark. A slightly boozy note, with some spices and a warm sandalwood base. Spark has a fig note that London doesn't have but this fig note can smell a little sweaty sometimes so I don't really need it.

    Am I much mistaken or did anyone else smell this similarity? And what are your general thoughts on Paul Smith London?

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    Default Re: Paul Smith London and Spark

    I'm a big fan of London.

    I bought it few months ago and loved it. Then I got bored with it. Then I started wearing it to the clubs quite a bit and loving it again. I too like the cognac notes in it and that coconut thing people always notice.

    I will admit that sometimes I can detect something very middle-of-the-road in its basenotes, and it reminds me of certain Liz Clai-boring scents. But the top notes pop really nicely and London is a good late night alpha-male type scent. I wouldn't wear it to work, its a "play" scent. It's alot like an Armani scent; similar to Emporio He and Mania.

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    Default Re: Paul Smith London and Spark

    More suitable for evening wear,this is warm and sensual.Along with Burburry Brit they belong to well-crafted recent releases.I own and I love them both.
    It's never too late to mend.


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