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    Default life essence by fendi and indivitual?

    hi guys
    what you think of the mentioned frags and how could you rate them? and if you were to choose which would you choose to buy?

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    Default Re: life essence by fendi and indivitual?

    I have a bottle of Life Essence which is citrus on a slightly wody base. I prefer L'eau d'Issey over Life Essence any time. As a matter of fact, I use Life Essence as a car fragrance, if it tells you anything.
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    Default Re: life essence by fendi and indivitual?

    Life Essence is unique in that it takes all woody notes to make an actual marine scent. a very good marine scent that gives a salty ocean breeze scent. Very good sillage on this one.

    Individual is just a remake of Joop!/Sander Background just a copy cat not as original as Fendi's

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    Default Re: life essence by fendi and indivitual?

    Life essence is to me like smelling a wine cork. Very woody with some florals and citrus to add a sharpness. Its very unique but I like to sniff it more than I like to wear it. I cant say its not good but I never use my mini bottle of it.
    Actually I'm smelling it right now and I really really like it but still wonder if Id wear it... you see its not easy


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