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    Default Buying used Serge Lutens on ebay

    I was browsing for Serge Lutens on ebay and found some bottles with juice in them for sale. These bell shaped bottles (non-export line, I guess) seem a bit dicey. I'm OK with the spray ones. As far as I can see, these bell shaped bottles don't have a spray and seem to have a stopper on them. If so, buying a used bottle is pretty unhygenic if you ask me. All that dabbing on to your skin and dipping back. Not good [smiley=shocked.gif] . Is this accurate or is it my usual paranoia? Would you purchase a used bell-shaped bottle? In fact, I'm having second thoughts on even purchasing a decant since it is coming from the same source. [smiley=undecided.gif]
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    Default Re: Buying used Serge Lutens on ebay

    I own a bell shaped bottle and I never dab. I decant with a pipette into a 1/3 oz bottle for my own personal use. I think most people do this and don't actually dab from the large bottle.

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