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    Default Tonight Sample Azzaro Onyx & Carlos Santana

    Azzaro Onyx started very citrus fresh and then a sharp and not very nice Patchouli and Vetiver notes came blaring of out nowhere. *It was such a turn off I had to put the test strip down. *Bleck this is just not for me [smiley=tongue.gif]. *I have a feeling this one will not fair well in sales. *It just too sharp and no development at all.

    Carlos Santana started out fruity fresh, then a spicy cinimon note along with sweet woods. *Very much a more well re-develope reworking of shades Xeryus Rouge but not quite. *Very long lasting powers too. *I must add the bottle was impressive and so was the package too.

    Out of the two I have to give the card to Carlos Santana at least it more daring and takes chance. *Onyx was a major let down.

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    Default Re: Tonight Sample Azzaro Onyx & Carlos Santana

    I had the very oppoiste reaction. I liked Onyx and found Carlo Santa just to sweet for my taste. I guess it all depends on one's chemistry. Love Onyx.

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