1. Very Irresistible for Men (Givenchy)

The SA at local Sephora went on and off to explain me how unusual and extraordinary this blend of grapefruit peel and coffee is. I must say is smelled promising in the green and inviting top note, then came out mocha and the whole scent developed in confectionary sort of way. That didn't impress me much since I don't like confectionary scents that much, but I mind you I had an extra pack of patience to get impressed.
On the other hand, the intuition whispered there's something wrong with my expectations.
And well, frankly speaking, the starting accords were something not unlike M7 Fresh.

And in the base notes... "yesss! bingo!", I got plain ole good Xeryus Rouge's base note on my hand: moderately sweet, ambery and yummy, a babe magnet hands down.
Well, marketing stuff knows better.

Comparing these two by Givenchy, I think Xeryus Rouge is more integrated but at the same time more linear in a way. Actually, it is Xeryus Rouge what's "irresistible" from top to base notes. VI FM looks uncertain about
does he want to show some originality or does he want to turn all the girls on. All in all, Very Irresistible FM seems to be a good and quality scent. Could be a sales hit ok.
As for the name, personally, I think it would make a great "Xeryus Verte".

2. Tumulte pour Homme (Christian Lacroix) - released 2005
Christian Lacroix is a great fashion designer, but he is new to men's fragrance world.
Having smelled the poor Bazaar PH I must say he's doing better.

Well, let's get to the release itself.
The bottle is a flat rounded flask painted different flowers and ornaments with a silver cap. Looks weird.
The scent is a straight but good and quality copy if Salvatore Ferragamo pour Homme.
Bright citrus notes, green grassy notes (these two types remind of Lagerfeld Photo's top accord), fig leaves and woody notes of cedar. It doesn't have that earthy vetiver tone that SF PH has and therefore, looks lighter, not as powerful.
Smells formal and has a good lasting power, makes a good office scent. I know that sounds somewhat contradictory to the name but smell it and you'll see.

3. Black XS (Paco Rabanne)

Unlike the other two, I smelled this one only from the paper strip.
"Juicy-Fruit chweing gum" that is.
I know that "black" is a new name trend in fragrance industry, but knowing and appreciating original XS pour Homme, I can say that Black XS is the strangest interpretation of the idea of something "black".
Would be a good XS Summer though. Will give it another chance in the form of skin sampling.

Regards, Odor.