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    Still looking for a fragrance with distinct notes of gardenia that is not too feminine. I love the sweet, creamy green smell of gardenia.

    A Basenotes search turns up the following male fragrances that list gardenia in their pyramind:
    212 Men - Carolina Herrera
    Z-14 - Halston
    Jaguar - Jaguar

    Do any of these actually have a detectable note of gardenia?

    Also, I have been reading about Bandit and some pyramids show the EDP having gardenia, is it noticeable? It seems that tobacco and leather would mix well with gardenia.

    Some other intriguing female fragrances are:
    Vintage Gardenia with Cardamom and Myrrh - Jo Malone
    Rush (fem.) - Gucci
    any comments?
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    I've personally not found many male or unisex fragrances with a gardenia note. I would recommend you try Serge Lutens Cedre. It has a nice creamy tuberose note that I think most Gardenia lovers would enjoy.

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    Gardenia is a toughie. Not that it's all "girly, girly, girly, girly girl" but it is a big loud treacle of a blast and tends to drown out everything else. The only gardenia-noted scent I wear and love is Le Baiser du Dragon (Cartier). The gardenia top note is balanced by the earthy basenotes (vetiver and patchouli). Marketed for women but perfect for gentlemen.

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    A feminine frag that is gardenia through and through is VERSACE's CRYSTAL NOIR. A bit monolithic, but if you like your gardenia...

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